Saturday, March 12, 2011

5 little ditties

1. I hate daylight savings. Always have. But I hate it more with a kid.

2. Garrett sleeps on his stomach now. I'm not a fan, but I can't stop him, he does it on his own. He seems to sleep better and longer. I seem to sleep worse and less.

3. Garrett played with a puppy tonight at a friends barbecue. It was so cute. The puppy didn't mind getting his eyes poked and ears tugged on. And Garrett thought it was pretty funny. It made me want a puppy. Nothing cuter than a baby and a puppy. If we had a yard it would be pretty easy for me to be talked into getting a puppy.

4. I'll be in Utah for a week-ish in 2 months. It seems like so far away. I'm a little homesick. It helps that Mara and Aron are coming to visit for Easter, and my mom and her 3 sisters are coming a couple days after that.

5. I gave up fast food for lent. Paul gave up "live TV". (wimp) Convenient for him, we have a DVR, and if that isn't enough, we just got Netflix for Wii tonight. It's pretty awesome, and it was my idea. I just wish I could make a cheese burger come out of my TV.

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maranoelle said...

I love this post. and the fact that we'll be out in about 5 weeks!