Monday, May 3, 2010

bad blogger

I decided I don't blog very well. When nothing is going on and I'm bored I don't blog, or I blog to take up time, and to, in the future, look back and remember that not much was going on that day/week/month. When stuff is going on I don't blog because too much is going on and blogging get bumped because there's not enough time. So then I play catch up, and I leave out a lot of the fun details in order to make myself feel less behind.

Things I'll be catching up on in the very near (I hope) future:

  • California trip (my lack of picture taking since the 365 days), house hunting, wedding, "girls night" with my father-in-law.
  • My thoughts on being a mom and my latest Dr appointment details with pictures (I hope).
  • My hard working husband and his job.
Maybe not in that order, but come back tomorrow for at least one of the 3 updates.

I'm going to bed now. I've had 11 days off work and am not quite ready for tomorrow. Fortunately I only scheduled myself for 3 days this week, so I'll probably survive.

In other news, fresh fruit smoothies are my new thing these days. I make em myself and I pretty much a pro. It's healthy stuff, so I'm happy. I did give in to an unhealthy craving tonight though. I've had strong craving s for at least 2 months off and on for my moms home made caramel popcorn balls. We only make them at Christmas, and they are so yummy. Tonight I finally gave in. I made Paul go out to our shed in the dark to find our air popper and large pan, and then I pulled out the Christmas recipe and got cooking. I started just after 9pm and finished at 10. And as I suspected, I picked at the pan full of yumminess a tiny bit, probably not even a whole balls worth, and then I was over it. So over it that I just dumped the stuff in ziploc bags and didn't even roll out or wrap the balls.


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