Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The evolution of the pillow...or something.

I love pillows. I need good pillows. It's really hard for me to travel unless I take my own pillow. But for the past 10 years or so I've slept with 3 pillows. Two under my head and one to hug. My pillow I hug has been the same pillow for 14 years. It's called my squishy. It's been to Germany, France, Italy, Belgium, Ukraine a couple times, Mexico a few times, Peru, and all over the United States. It's usually the only pillow that makes it in the suitcase. But I can't sleep without it. When we first got married Paul hid it a couple times, but he quickly learned that that is not a funny joke.

Well, when I got pregnant and sleep stopped being so routine and easy I had to make some changes. I added the wedge to tuck under my side. It worked well for a couple weeks. Then it got annoying, but I kept using it. I've had a lot of back pain and I had a massage therapist and a chiropractor tell me to sleep with a pillow between my knees. So I did. That worked for a while too. But the problem was that I didn't trade these new pillows for old ones, I just added them. So not only was I getting bigger and looking like I also had a pillow under my pajamas, I was sleeping with 5 pillows. Poor Paul. And the other problem was how ofter I turned from side to side and how this process also required taking all the pillows with me and adjusting them every time. It stopped seeming worth it because I was spending too much time being awake. Fluffing the head pillows, re-tucking the wedge, flipping and fluffing and sliding the knee pillow and squishing up the squishy to put my arm around.

A few nights ago Paul and I went to Target and he found this.
A 50 dollar pillow. You know how every 2 or 3 weeks I find something pregnancy related that changes my life? (Like stretch denim) This is my new one. Paul bought it for me and I love it! I still wake up a lot but its better to wake up with this one than the other 5. Totally worth it. And the best part? I've ditched all the other pillows except the squishy. That one still hangs around.

These are the 2 head pillows.
This is the squishy.The Wedge.The knee pillow.Such a learning experience.

Also, last night I didn't sleep well at all. I spent the whole day feeling tired and big. I was feeling so big in fact that when I got home from work I tried on some old pants. Ones I wore in our engagement pictures a year and a half ago, and they buttoned and zipped up! A little snug, but it didn't take too much extra effort. So instead of going for a walk in the rain, I ate a graham cracker before dinner. Oye. 4 more months to go...

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Bryon said...

I have a strange obsession with pillows. Every month I always think that I need a new pillow. Right now I'm sporting a $60.00 head pillow designed for belly sleeping, $20.00 knee pillow and two $30.00 normal pillows and one old old old pillow that my dog can't sleep without. I thought I was the only one.