Sunday, May 9, 2010

California stuff 2010

We spent 10 days in California at the end of April. Probably our first and last trip of the year before the Little Baby Paw arrives. Well, I guess technically its our second trip of the year if you count ringing in the new year were the little guy was conceived. :)

Oh and PAW? We will not be telling anyone his name until delivery, (and we haven't picked one yet) so on the blog and when we talk about him, he is Paw. (Paul and Andrea White)

The trip was very relaxing. We ended up not going on my birthday trip to Sea World. I was a bit self conscious about wet suits, dolphins, water, trainers thinking Shamu had escaped, etc. And also, swimming with dolphins isn't cheap, and neither was my chair. So it worked out fine.

We went to the beach, went shopping at my favorite spot- Circle at Orange, (Paul bought me a maternity shirt and a cute baby boutique cuz I was having one of those 'I feel fat, not pregnant' days.) Went to China Town and Downtown Disney, and we went house shopping. We spent several hours over a couple of days talking with a Real Estate Agent, and having him take us around to look at houses and condos. It was fun and overwhelming. I ended the experience feeling like we will get into a house sooner rather than later, but that we don't have to find a house before we get to California, its ok to rent for a while and take our time deciding. Also, we'll be in Utah until at least the first part of next year... February, March, April, Mayish...who knows...

And Paul's best friend got married. That was the main reason for the trip. Paul had a bachelor party one night at a beach house and so I hung out with my in-laws. Dad suggested we go see a chick flick, so we did. Have you seen Back up plan?? It was a bit odd watching a women give birth in a kiddie pool with my father in law sitting next to me, he was a bit traumatized, but we made it through. We had a rehearsal one night and the wedding was about 2 hours away so going to dinner and a rehearsal was an 8 hour event. And the wedding day was an all day event. It was so fun, and so beautiful, and Paul looks so good in a tux, especially after getting a little bit of sun. I had several, 'Wow, I have a hot husband' moments that day.

Overall, it was a good trip. Lots of reading relaxing and warm sun. And a lot of spoiling by the in-laws.

Oh and I only took pictures of the wedding day. (besides this one)
It made me think of the days when I was so dedicated to taking a picture everyday. I need to be better and remembering to catch the little moments.

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