Saturday, April 17, 2010

note to self

Everyday I have thoughts, or things happen, or conversations with people that I don't want to forget. But none of them are really huge or awesome enough to justify their very own post.

So, just a quick recap of the past few days, some might not make sense, some might be boring, and some might be incomplete. But, hopefully in a few years when I try to make all this into a journal, I'll know what I'm talking about. Which reminds me, I'll pay someone to make my blog into journal books for me.

I think I mentioned that I ran a marathon (walked a 5K) last Saturday. It wasn't bad, but a few weeks ago when I was hurrying to get to a Dr appointment I hurt my back a little, its slowing been getting worse but after last Saturday I couldn't ignore it anymore. Melanie had told me about a lady who does prenatal massage, (is it called that if they're trained to make pregnant women pain disappear?) Anyway, I called her Tuesday, she had an opening, left work early and headed over to see her. Amazing. Wednesday was the first full day in weeks that I had no back pain. Best $70 I've spent in my pregnancy thus far. (Next to stretch denim jeans)

I'm feeling (and looking) pregnant. But I'm right at that part of pregnancy where I can kind of hide it with my larger regular clothes, but maternity clothes are much more comfortable. So when I break down and wear the maternity shirts I go out in public pregnant and proud, but when I where regular uncomfortable clothes and focus on not looking pregnant, I get the occasional look like, She's pregnant, or maybe she's not pregnant...but, she might be pregnant... I don't know why it's awkward, but it is. I'm about 2 days away from being done with my regular clothes attempts and I'm feeling fine about it.

Paul bought me 3 maternity shirts and a maternity dress tonight, AFTER I'd gone and bought myself leggings, a dress and capris early today. Oh and all of this was also AFTER telling myself about 2 weeks ago that I had enough and was done buying maternity clothes. But when you get to where it feels like your body changes almost daily, it makes you want to shop.

I have a tilted uterus. It doesn't mean anything bad, it just means that depending on the tilt you can look up to 4 weeks further along than you are. I'd say I look about 20 weeks pregnant, and I'm 18 weeks today.

Monday I'm going to a funeral, a sad funeral. And its the second one in four days. Two people who didn't know each other. Two people I care about. From two families that I care about. Two people in their early 30's. Two parents. Two suicides. It's been an emotional couple of weeks for people I spend time with everyday. Its easy to start feeling their emotions and sadness. Kind of draining and really heartbreaking. I might write more about this later, but not now.

Last Sunday we had lunch with a couple from church. Really fun people. We get along great. Most of the friends I have now are either married and knew me when I was single, or single and the fact that I'm married now didn't change our friendships much. But now I feel like we're married people making friends with married people. Married friend friendships make me feel like a real grown-up. I like having a variety.

I'm ready for a vacation. 10 days in California will be awesome. We're counting down...

I bought all the fabric for the baby bedding. It's gender neutral and I love it. My mom is making all the bedding and I'm so excited about it. So cute! And so on sale!

I might think of more, but I've bored myself, so if you're reading this I can't believe you made it. Good job.


Heidi said...

Have you seen "Away We Go?" I love that movie, but your tilted uterus made me think of a scene from it. :) I can't believe you're 18 weeks already!

shauna/doug said...

Oh, Andrea. I love reading about it all. How about some pics of your progress? (growth) I would love to see it all. I can't even think about about all that I am missing, because I start to cry. Let me see some of you and Paul. And keep on posting!