Monday, May 24, 2010

Another one of THOSE posts.

Ya know, the ones where I'm not complaining, I'm just documenting.

Ok, Thursday afternoon my nurse called to let me know that my B-12 is at 143. The lowest its ever been. "Low" is 190. I'm 143. I'd been on B-12 before but in October my old doctor tested me and I was at 150ish. I got on an iron supplement because somehow B-12 and iron are linked, and I've been anemic for years and when dealing with anemia B-12 and iron are best friends. By December I was in the 200's so I was to continue the iron prescription, but didn't need B-12. Well, at the end of December I went and got myself all pregnant, and apparently this baby thinks B-12 is delicious and he's taking it all. (I'll teach him to share when he comes out.) So, the nurse called in a prescription. The B-12 is injection form, so after work Paul went and picked up the meds and the syringes. Friday morning we went to the hospital with all our gear and a PA gave me a shot and taught Paul how to give me a shot, (So I don't have to go to the hospital everyday.) So Paul is now giving me a shot every night for a week, then every week for a month, and every month for...ever, probably.

After my first shot on Friday my right eye turned pink, totally unrelated I've found out now, but I tried all weekend to blame the b-12. I was miserable all weekend, still taking meds, still getting shots, still having a red swollen burning, itching eye. This morning we had a normal appointment with my OB. Things went fine. Although she told me to add ANOTHER iron supplement. Also, she casually mentioned that I needed to go get checked for pink eye. I asked if she thought it was a B-12 reaction, she looked at me like "No stupid, it's pink eye." Awesome. So we left there and I headed to an insta-care. Yes, it's pink eye. (And a cold and swollen tonsils.) Got ANOTHER prescription for eye drops and got home 4 hours later.
Anyone who knows me (or knows my mom) know that we don't go to the doctor. Growing up I thought clinics and pharmacies were for people with one foot in the grave. I NEVER went to the doctor or took medicine. I've been to the doctor at least 10 times in the past 4 months. Sure, it's mostly baby, but I never thought I'd be a doctors office/hospital/pharmacy pro. And a couple times is the past 4 months I've been to the doc twice in one day. Unheard of before now. When I was younger I thought "getting a prescription filled" required thousands of dollars, an interview with a rocket scientist, and a signature from the president or something. Now the folks over at Walgreen's practically know me by name.

I was a little discouraged and emotional today after doctor visit number one, but after number two and a trip to the pharmacy. I'm ok. I typically wouldn't get emotional about an eye infection and an extra vitamin, but I'm pregnant. I need an entire box of tissues just to watch Lincoln Financial Group and Foldger's Coffee commercials, so give me a break.

In two weeks I go back for more blood work to test all of the above and two weeks later I go back for my diabetes test and my first Rhogam shot, (because of the negative blood.)

Oh and because I hate milk and don't get a lot of dairy, I'm adding a calcium supplement, too What's one more pill?!

So just to make sure you got all that.

-prenatals (2 pills)
-prescription iron
-over the counter iron
-B-12 shots
-Negative blood
-a cold
-pink eye
-back pain
-no sleep
-calcium pill


-a healthy baby who is (thankfully) taking everything he needs from me.
-an amazing baby heartbeat that I could listen to all day.
-a BIG baby, who measured 24 weeks and not the 23 weeks and a day that I'm technically at right now.
-3 lbs gained this month, which I'm not complaining about. This puts me at 6.4 lbs thus far in the pregnancy.
-An amazing husband who is totally kicking butt and the whole "in sickness and in health" thing. I couldn't do this without him.

I'm so excited to meet this little guy. In spite of everything I just complai...documented, I love being pregnant. I love feeling him kick, I love that I can lay in bed with my hands on my belly and feel him wiggling around in there. I love him so much.
Just another day...

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Jord and Jenn said...

Oh man Andrea,that just sucks. Sorry to hear about it. Hang in there! :)