Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Oh Baby!

We got home from California on Sunday and had an appointment yesterday morning. It was our 20 week ultrasound. The one that lasts about 45 minutes and they can tell you pretty much anything about your baby. Including the sex.

I was nervous about this ultrasound. I was excited to know if it was a boy or a girl, but as I was driving to the hospital I found myself thinking that all I really wanted to hear is that I have a healthy baby growing in me. The gender wasn't so much on my mind anymore.

We got to the appointment. Had to wait about 40 minutes...don't know why... And finally got called back. The ultrasound began and the tech started showing us every inch of the baby. I never got sick of hearing, "That looks great" "That is exactly how it should be" and "Everything there looks normal". I did however wish she'd stop saying, "This little baby really doesn't want you to know what it is!" Then finally after a lot of poking and wiggling of my tummy, we saw it. It's a BOY!!!
This is the little munchkins profile. So cute!
And this is a tiny little foot that I cant wait to nibble on.

The scanner kind of made the pictures weird, but trust me, he's cute.

Right after the appointment I did a little shopping. Whenever I shopped before knowing the sex I felt like there was a lot more girl stuff, so I spent the afternoon proving myself wrong! It was so much fun, but I promised Paul that I'm done shopping (for clothes) until after he's here...unless it's really really cute...

We picked up the dresser/changing table today after work, and I called and ordered my chair!! The one the has taken me the past 6 weeks to budget for and justify "spending as much on one chair as I would on an entire sectional." (my sis-in-laws words) And thank you pottery barn chair for being on sale six weeks after I found you, sat on you, and fell in love with you. I saved almost 200 washingtons!

This is what heaven looks like.
Only its this color.
We couldn't be happier about our little guy. We are so looking forward to this new era we are entering in to. And I can't wait to have a little baby around all the time and be "out-numbered" as Paul says.

Here I am at just over 20 weeks right after the ultrasound, with pictures of our baby. I'm so in love!


Jes said...

Congrats! I'm so happy for you! For the baby boy and the divine chair.

shauna/doug said...

Thank you, thank you for telling all! So thankful he is healthy and you two are so happy. The chair, well, that will be your favorite place in the middle of every night (two or three times a night). But once again, I am having heart palpatations as I realize I won't see him or you until six months after he arrives. Take lots of pics and enter them here. Auntie Shauna

Elizabeth said...

yay! Glad you didn't get it in white! :) wouldn't stay white for long! It looks like a cozy chair, and that you will be grateful for!

Adrian said...

Yippee for BOYS!!! You know I am awfully fond of boys...they are the BEST!!! So happy for you.