Sunday, November 29, 2009

Project 365: Week 48

November 23
Tonight we went to Payson and had dinner at Brad and Michelle's. Paul went to Mortuary science school in California with Brad and they stayed friends. The last time we had dinner with these 2 was last November and Michelle was about 8 and a half months pregnant. Now they have this adorable little girl. She is a doll and so much fun! Here she is dancing. It was the cutest thing! Made me want one for a minute. Brad and Michelle are great people. We really wish we lived closer. We're trying to convince them to come to CA with us next year!November 24
Christmas eve is in a month! Thanksgiving will be over in 48 hours. It's time to decorate! Just in case you are all wondering, which I'm sure you are, I've officially given up on our Christmas tree that we started to grow months ago. Here he is. :( Not much has changed. So we're going with plan b. I'll probably post Christmas decor pics before the week is up. Keep reading...November 25
TSO!!! We went to the Trans Siberian Orchestra tonight. So. Awesome. It's a yearly tradition for Taylor and I, although we've never actually gone to it together. This year we finally did and we took Paul. Youtube them if you want your face rocked off.November 26
Happy Thanksgiving! We had a Greenhalgh thanksgiving this year at my parents house. This is the "kid table". There were more people in the other room but this picture was more entertaining.November 27
Kristin is is town so we went to dinner tonight. Laughed a lot. A lot. Man I miss her. I would tell you some of the funny things we talked about but you wouldn't laugh. I'll give you an example.
Andrea: So is that girl who died still alive?
Kristin: Yep.
See? Not funny.
Oh and my mom did black friday with me this morning. It was her first time and she actually enjoyed it.November 28
I found my dream house today. It's in Centerville. The lady who owns it blew my mind. And she's a crafter. And every year she clears out the entire first floor of her house and has a boutique. My Grandparents are in her ward so we went to the boutique. So much cute stuff. We each bought a couple things, and one of us may have bought a couple more than a couple...
Oh and later Paul and I had dinner and played games with 2 sets of our couple friends. I forgot to take a picture. :(November 29
I finally got the decorating done! 'Love Actually' 2 and a half times and 'The Holiday' once. Here's our trees. I love Christmas.

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brad and michelle said...

Thanks for the shout-out! I totally watched Love Actually while decorating this year too. White Christmas, Bridget Jones's Diary, and Love Actually, actually... what a weird combo. I don't want my kid to grow up - I'll be stuck watching Scrooge McDuck on repeat :)