Sunday, November 15, 2009

Project 365: Week 46

November 9
Our last day of the hunt in Texas. Paul got 2 deer, Dad got one, and I got one! Yep, I killed my first animal. This was such a fun trip. Thanks Dad White.November 10
Paul's birthday is tomorrow. It's hard to do birthday surprises for your spouse. Especially when we're both working a lot and spending most of our free time with each other. So I baked his favorite cake at like 11PM when he went to bed, but its still not really a surprise.November 11
Happy Birthday Baby!!! We both worked today, then we went to 'The Sizzler' with my grandparents for Paul's birthday dinner. (Old people call it 'The Sizzler'.) Then we had cake when we got home. Oh and just for journaling reasons, Paul ran out of gas on his way home from work. It through our plans off a bit, but we made it work. We both push it too far when it comes to not filling our cars up. Maybe him a little more than me...November 12
This lady I work with takes all the sawdust home from work and makes these cool emergency preparedness candles and fire starters. She gave me some today and we tried a fire starter out. They are so cool and work really well. Check out her website here.November 13
A guy that works for my father-in-law is coming to Utah for Thanksgiving and he's bringing Phil's big truck so we're going to send some stuff home with him. We're trying to decide what to send and our apartment is kind of a mess, but we're getting it organized. We're not moving anytime soon, we're just making it a really slow process.November 14
We went on a tour of the Mason temple today. There was a thing on the news a couple days ago about Mormons and Masons and they mentioned on the news that there was an open house today so we went and checked it out. I could talk about this for a long time, but I won't. Maybe another post sometime. Oh also, we went to a gift show at the expo center and I took Paul out for another birthday dinner. Oh and we ran out of gas again. Twice in 4 days. We're (he is) learning. ;) Thank you AAA!November 15
Paul's birthday with the Greenhalgh family. Thanks everyone! Love my family.

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Platt Family said...

Seriously, I must be old cause I call it The Sizzler too, I LOVE it!!! Happy Birthday to your hubby! We went to the expo too, did you like it? The best part was seeing The Soap Lady, love her, have you seen her stuff!