Sunday, December 6, 2009

Project 365: Week 49

November 30
I got a little promotion at work. I think I'm happy about it. It's effective tomorrow. Had dinner with Paul and the boss and the bosses wife tonight. They're great! Didn't take a picture cuz it may have seemed weird. Then we ran over to my parents house and I made this wreath for my Grandma cuz apparently she's stressed about this wall. They love it! But THE CANDLES ARE NOT STAYING. (She would want me to tell you that.)December 1
Paul sent me flowers at work today. What a great best husband. He also filled my truck with gas without me knowing. I love him. This is kind of a bad picture but the flowers are beautiful! They are red roses with all this cute holly and greeny redy pretty Christmasy stuff.December 2
Tonight my mom, dad, Paul and I went to the Festival of Tree's and to dinner. Another thing I do every year. Ya know, for the children. This is (part of) a tree that was done by someone we know. I don't think this person or many people who know said person read this, or would say anything if they did. But I'll be nice. I just didn't know there was a rocking horse and giant golf balls present at the birth of Jesus.December 3
I love Christmas. I just need a living space about 10 times this size so I can fully decorate! This "Christmas" on my mantle is new this year. I kinda like it.December 4
Paul can decide he's going to bed and be asleep 30 seconds later. It blows my mind. The process takes me anywhere from 20 minutes to 2 hours. ...Sometimes our differences in routines can cause problems...December 5
Paul's work party was tonight. It was surprisingly fun and entertaining, considering that I was eating dinner with a room full of funeral directors. I didn't get a picture of the whole group (about 25 people). This is Terry, Jeff and Paul.December 6
Paul and I had a good day. Relaxing at first and then busy. We had some running around to do. Mostly dropping stuff off and picking stuff up from friends and family all in the name of Christmas. Our first stop was at my grandparents. As we turned onto their street an ambulance passed by, then a paramedic, I got a pit in my stomach, then I saw my dads car in their driveway and a few people standing in front of the house. Long story short. I have an Aunt who lives there and has been pretty sick. She's an amazing woman and always puts everyone before herself. She's been given some challenges in her life and remains so strong and positive. She was in the ambulance on her way to the ER. It's far from over but things are looking up. I won't say anymore because she reads this and I've probably already said too much. (I love you and am praying for you.)
Anyway, later we had to go to Clinton to drop off/pick up from my brother and we stopped in Layton on the way and I showed Paul the house my dad grew up in. It's a tiny little thing, but it looks really cute. If you'd seen it when my grandma sold it, you'd think it looks really cute. Here it is.
We stopped back by my grandparents on the way home just to see how there were doing and finally left 3 hours later. Paul's learning that if I ever say we need to run by my grandparents house it mean we'll be home or at our next stop about 4 hours later. He's so good to me, and I love my grandparents so much.

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shauna/doug said...

Andrea, I always have such fun reading your blog. It is delightful. Just plan on being there when I get home because I am making out my list of things to make and paint. The long, red Christmas box is a favorite and your WELCOME stand I must have. I will take measurements and have Matt make it for me! Your life is just fun and always has something going on about it. It is fun to see someone so excited about so many things. Gosh, I love you and miss you. Shauna