Sunday, November 8, 2009

Project 365: Week 45

November 2
I was bored tonight while Paul was watching football, so I researched this condition that my dad told me about and thinks I might have. It's called Pica. I don't think I have it, but it's interesting to read about. The only non-nutritional thing I crave on the list is ice. Which is related to anemia, which my doc told me last week I have worse than I've ever had it. Got my meds a couple days ago. Anyway, I was thinking about it and wondered if smelling non-food items is part of Pica, because I really do sniff stuff. Not in a weird, killing brain cells kind of way, but I love weird smells. Like foam, glass plus, Lemon scented 409 Anit-bacterial, Lemon clorox wipes, and now these Yankee candles, the scent is called 'just plain clean' I would much rather have my house and bed and clothes smell fresh, clean, lemony, etc. over vanilla, pumpkin spice, sugar cookie, etc. I'm never really drawn to Bath and Body Works when I walk past it at the mall, but the laundry/cleaning supply isle in Target? Oh man, drop me off and come find me in an hour. Do I have a problem?November 3
Budget, budget, budget. We are doing good at Financial Peace University. Paul spends a lot more time than I do budgeting, figuring and planning. And I love him for it!November 4
Paul has grown a little bit since his last hunting trip. We forgot to check that kind of stuff before we left for our trip. Oh well!November 5
Last minute packing before heading to Texas for a long hunting weekend!November 6
Lampasas, Texas. Our first day was spent flying, layovers, meeting Phil and Annie in Austin, driving, getting hunting tags, shopping for stuff we forgot, target practice. I didn't shoot. They all did. Here I am getting my ear drums blown out.November 7
Annie was the only one of them to shoot anything on opening day. I was with her when she got this deer. I've never been hunting, but I'm starting to think I might be able to get into it.November 8
The early mornings (4:30AM-8:30AM) and the early evenings (3:00PM-6:00PM) were spend sitting in the deer blinds hunting. The rest of the time was spent visiting, napping, wandering around in the woods. It was a wonderful trip with the in-laws. Paul was napping so the owners of the property where we stayed took us on a walk to the waterfall. Me, Phil and Annie.

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