Sunday, November 1, 2009

Project 365: Week 44

October 26
My brothers used to tie me up like this all the time, well, they still do. I tried it to Paul and it's really not that fun. We kinda had a boring night...can you tell?October 27
We had our first snow today that actually stuck. It's been teasing us for a couple weeks but today it didn't melt right away. I'm not ready for snow.October 28
We carved pumpkins tonight and watched scary movies. We decided we'd better do something Halloweeny. Mine is the small one.October 29
Today was pretty much pictureless. It was kind of a bad day and I don't really know why. You know those evenings when you remember a conversation or interaction with someone and when you think about it and realize that it happened earlier that day and not like a week ago and you're really glad the long dumb blur of a day is over? Yeah, one of those days.October 30
Paul's dad is taking us hunting in Texas soon. Can't wait! Paul decided I needed to be a little more prepared for the event, so we went shopping tonight. He bought me boots, socks, pants, shirt, jacket and hat. He made me try on SO MUCH stuff. It all looked the same to me. (Insert a funny joke about not being able to see myself.) These are some pants that we didn't go with.October 31
Halloween. It was pretty uneventful. We helped at a kids party in the early evening and it kinda made me want a kid. Then after, I took Paul home and went and hung out with my cute Ukrainian friend Annie. She's been here a month and she leaves in the morning, and we finally got to see each other. She was my translator on my first trip to Ukraine and my roommate on my second trip.November 1
Dave and Neally came down this afternoon and we did crafts. Paul and Dave watched the Packers vs. Vikings game. Sad. Ya know, the whole Brett Favre thing. But look what me and Neally made! It's already thanksgiving month. Crazy!

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