Sunday, October 25, 2009

Project 365: Week 43

October 19
This picture is scary. We had dinner at Mario and Tera's tonight. It was so fun, and I forgot to take a picture! I remembered as we were backing out of the driveway. Mario waved at us and I hurried and took a picture from the car. So dumb, and kinda stalkerish.October 20
It rained today, a lot. This is what I saw when I walked out of work. Way better in real life, but still beautiful.October 21
Wednesday is my usual day off. I did some cleaning, organizing, and reorganizing today. When I moved into this apartment I thought there was really only one way to set up this room, now this is the 4th way I've arranged it, and I think it's my new favorite.October 22
My doctor called me at work today to give me results from some blood work. Her exact words were, "You should feel horrifically horrible constantly and want to be asleep all the time." MY first thought: Can I get a Dr's note for that? I'm anemic and my iron levels are "through the floor." I've been anemic for like 6 years, but apparently is worse than ever right now. More meds, more shots, blah blah. So this is me sleeping in honor of what my doctor told me. I do feel tired and not great a lot, I guess I've just gotten used to it.October 23
My boss is turning 60 on sunday. We celebrated today by having lunch and all wearing black.October 24
Check out what I bought at Bed Bath and Beyond! So our living/dining room has no regular lighting. Just table lamps and hanging lamps. Some of the outlets are really hard to get to. So this little cool tool is a remote for outlets. It was in the Christmas section for tree lights, but I bought it and hooked it up to a couple lamps, now we can turn our lights on with the push of a button on this cute little remote! Love it. One remote works on 3 outlets.October 25
Paul was on call this weekend and he's been at work ALL WEEKEND. It's almost mid-night and he's still at work. So, I've been doing crafts! I've decided to have a girls day at my house next month for anyone who wants to make Christmas crafts! These are some samples I made today. I'll send out emails with better pictures and prices of each one for anyone interested. Then we'll just hang out at my apartment all day and be creative! Everyone can use all my supplies and I'll teach anyone who doesn't feel crafty. And I'll make lunch and have a lot of snacks for the whole day. Sounds fun, right?!


RobyLynn said...

I want to come to your craft day!!! We move on Nov 9th, so have it after then.

Adrian said...

I wanna come!!!! But really, most likely I wont be able to come, but I really want to make that NOEL. It is sooo cute. Do you take orders?