Friday, November 28, 2008


3 nights ago I started a post called "BAAAAAAA!!!!" The first line was, "I'm not in a good mood."

Then I went on and on about why life is so hard, why I'm frustrated, things that aren't fair, reasons I'm tired, and why I wanna be a kid again.

Then, the next day, I deleted everything and decided to list things I'm thankful for......hmm.........this might be hard...just kidding...

  • Crushed ice. I love it so much.
  • Ellen and The Office
  • My DVR, because most of the time I miss Ellen and The Office.
  • Crushed ice...sometimes I like it more than kissing.
  • But oh, kissing. Kissing is such a good invention.
  • My apartment. It's cute and warm and safe and fun. I'd like a house one of these days and I try not to think about how many years I've been renting, but I'm blessed and I'm not on the streets.
  • Christmas decor!!! I'll put pictures up soon...once the lights are on. Paul said I could decorate last weekend, but I can't turn the lights on until after Thanksgiving is over or it's blasphemy. (I started this post before T-give, so no lights were allowed, but tonight was the first night they were on-- pictures to come!...maybe...I'm bored with pictures.)
  • J.R. He's my trainer. I always tell him I hate him, but I don't. We had crazy schedules with weddings, colds, birthdays, flu, and we missed 2 weeks of training sessions! Tuesday was the first time back, and wow. My body hurt, but its the, ohhh baby, it hurts so good, hurt! Love it.
  • Paul. Oh Paul. He loves me so much. He does so many things for me, and I know, I KNOW he'd do anything for me. It feels so good to know that. I won't get all squishy and warm and fuzzy, but how did I get so lucky?? I love him.
  • Text messaging.
  • Ceramic flat irons. Back in the day me and my two childhood BFF's Brandi and Mandi would lay our heads awkwardly over the ironing board and iron our hair with a real iron! (That can't be good.) It took hours and we'd try and go days without washing it or getting it at all wet so it wouldn't get wavy.
  • Spooning squared. (That's going to get fro yo with my BF from our favorite place, Spoon Me, and then going home to spoon. *wink*wink*)
  • My Family. BTW, this list is in no particular order. I have a really good family, and I love them a lot.
  • Changes. (I'm really not thankful for the ones happening right now, but I decided I'd be grown-up about grown-up things, so it's on the list, and one day all life's ups and downs will make sense...right?)
There are many, many more, but this post has been in the works for 4's kinda old news, but it's taken me abnormally long so I didn't wanna delete it.

I hope everyone had a happy thanksgiving.

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Randi said...

I am thankful that you don't do Christmas things until after Thanksgiving. I am the same way. And you used to use a real iron? My mom used to do that back in the day. How old are you? :) Chris and I miss your face. You and your BF need to take a date up to Logan.