Wednesday, November 5, 2008


I think John McCain's concession speech was very gracious and I believe he is a genuine man who really loves America and is concerned for the people. And I appreciate his encouraging words in accepting Obama as his president. I also appreciate Obama's kind words about McCain. As I laid in bed last night I thought about what a really historic night it was. Not just because of President-elect Obama, but because of a lot of significant things that happened in this election. Millions came out to "make their voice heard", and I'm confident that the majority agreed that we're in trouble and there is need for a change. It's good to be a small part of history. Maybe being in the moment, it doesn't hit us how big it is. But it is. I've been to a gas station and a grocery store already this morning and I was amazed at all the news papers being bought. I just jumped on the band wagon and grabbed the last one at the gas station. I think having this paper in my scrapbook years down the road will make me glad. Also, at the gym it was overwhelming listening to everyone's hopes, fears, concerns, excitement, etc. about the new presidency. I definitely have election fatigue, and am glad it's over. This was a hard fought election and there are a lot of unhappy people, I'm sure. But I feel this is a time where we will see the need to really come together as a nation. We're at a time of real crisis. We're fighting 2 wars overseas and we're in the middle of an economic crisis. I think people are realizing that we can't afford not to come together. There has been real hostility in this election, but I feel like when we calm down and look at the challenges we're facing, we have no option but to try to unite, even in our differences.
I was more into this election than any other. I felt pretty educated on both candidates positions on the important things. I'm no Anderson Cooper, but I followed it pretty closely. I don't agree completely with Obama, but more so than I did with McCain. He is our new president, and I trust that he will work hard and tirelessly for us. I love this quote from his acceptance speech:

"I may not have won your vote, but I hear your cries for help, and I am your president."

-Barack Obama

I trust that the dust will settle, the angry people will have time to think and breathe deeply again. And we will come together, we have to.

May God Bless America.


Melanie said...

I agree -I thought McCain's speech was really good and Obama's was just inspiring. I've never been so excited after an election. I hope things change for the better!

Anonymous said...

Very well said. I couldn't agree more. We need to come together as Americans now. It doesn't matter what party we support, now is the time to be 1. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

chris said...

Amen. Too many republicans are angry today. They've had 8 years!!!! Give the other side a chance.

chris said...

Also, I agree with melanie, it's an exciting time for America and we all need to hope for the best.

kim said...

Obama didn't get my vote, but his acceptance speech was inspiring. And while it wasn't the outcome I wanted, it's true, he is my president. I'll support him and pray for the best for our country.

Also, I'm glad you're so real. You're a rock star.

Anonymous said...

I love this post! Even as a conservative republican!