Thursday, November 20, 2008

So far this week I...

1. Ate at Burger King with my mom, twice. (That's like 3 years worth of BK in 2 days.)

2. Made 2 Christmas decorations. (I'm feeling crafty...)

3. Bought 3 Christmas decorations. (...But not too crafty.)

4. Have spent way too much time thinking about things from my a decade old stuff. I'm kinda down right now...maybe that's why I'm crafty and shoppy. I just wanna be alone and be surrounded by cute stuff.

5. Thought about trading my car in cuz it has an unknown light on, needs new tires and a new windshield. And the tags expire in December.

6. Had worse cramps than usual.

7. Missed a day at the gym...(cuz of #6)...and I can tell. (Maybe #1 is the bigger problem.)

8. Had a dream that I went hunting and killed an animal, and now I kinda wanna do it in real life. (Not like me.)

9. Got roses from my boyfriend. (The past 3 bouquets have come so frequently that the previous one's are still alive and well...I'm so lucky. I really am. I couldn't be happier...even though this is kind of a grumpy post.)

10. Punched my CD player in my car because one of Celine Dion CDs is scratched and skips. (It's not just the CD...I've had tickets to Celine's show in SLC for 367 days, it was suppose to be tomorrow and I found out this week it's been postponed until Feb. 22. (Sad and angry...why would Celine do that to me?)


Platt Family said...

Sorry about the sucky week! Hey I am making my blog private, so will you send me your e-mail address.! Thanks! Hope your week gets better!

Kelly O. said...

And February 22nd will probably end up being your wedding date! :) J/K. Hope there's less bummer things on your list of done's next week!

Anonymous said...

I hope things are better now.