Saturday, November 22, 2008

my boyfriend and my car...

...not the worst combo, but not the best as of the past couple days.

So last night Paul and I had to take a friend to the airport. I wasn't gonna go but we were running late after a dinner meeting with another guy, so I went. Paul was driving my car. As we get close to the drop off place the lights start flashing, yep pulled over at the airport. (Side note: This is only the second time he's ever been pulled over, both times in Jettas, both times not his car, and both times having a Greenhalgh in the back seat. First time Taylor, last night me. Oh, and both times, no ticket.) Wheh!

And then! Today, we went to do a couple things up at my parents house in Bountiful. Scott and Laura were there and my mom was kinda sick. Everyone was a little hungry so Paul and I ran to get some pizzas. We stopped at Common Cents to fill my car up on the way back to mom and dads. Paul did the gas and I ran inside to grab a drink. I got back outside right as the gas finished pumping, Paul had cleaned out my car, I had my diet coke and crushed ice fix, it cost less that $25 to fill the tank, everything was good!...I thought.

We get to the parents, eat some pizza, and just as we finish there's a knock at the door. Scott sees through the window that it's a cop. He goes to the door. And:

Cop: Is the owner of that silver Jetta here?

Scott: Yeah, she is.

Cop: Can I speak to her please?

Scott: Yeah.

(I walk to the door)

Cop: Is that your Jetta?

Me: Yes.

Cop: Can you come with me to the car so I can ask you a couple questions?

Me: Sure.

(I walk outside with the cop. As we get close to the car I ask, what's going on?)

Cop: Did you get gas at Common Cents a few minutes ago?

Me: Yeah I did.

Cop: Your license plate was reported as a drive off.

Me: I wish!

Cop: Did you pay for the gas?

Me: Yep.

Cop: Do you have a receipt I could look at?

Me: Sure.

(At this point he stopped being a prick...did I mention that he was kind of a prick?? I unlock the car, grab the receipt for the seat and hand it to him. As I'm handing him the receipt he mutters a bit, yeah...this happens sometimes that they report the wrong pump, or the wrong car.)

Me: Oh no problem, I'm sure it happens.

(He hands me the receipt and says, ok, ma'am, thank you and have a good evening.)

Me: Wait, I don't live here. How did you find me?

Cop: (Winks and smiles) I have my ways.

He got in his car and drove off. Weird. Really, how did he find me? Someone who has the logical answer to this, please comment. I've been stumped all night. And yes, the car is totally in my name and all car and insurance mail goes to my SLC home.

I went back in the house and my whole family and Paul were looking out the window. I walked in and said to Paul, "You know, it's one thing to get pulled over in my car, but to steal gas?!?


Kelly O. said...

That is an awesome story! My question is, what if you hadn't printed your receipt? I never print my receipts! Scary!!

And I'm guessing Common Cents is near your parent's house? I'd think they just send out the license plate and car information to all the bored cops in the area that are patrolling and one of them spotted your car.

kim said...

This is so funny! I've never heard of anything like this!!

Bryon said...

I guess I had better start printing my receipts...and keep them in a more organized location.

it's me, andrea. said...

I know guys! I NEVER print the receipt, luckily Paul printed it and put it in my car. Would I be in jail had I not had it??...or just had to pay twice??...hmm...scary!

Bryon said...

Could you imagine if they hadn't found you and months later when you are in a jetta with a Greenhalgh in the back and there is some warrant out for your arrest because of this?

it's me, andrea. said...

Wow Bryon, totally didn't think of that. What if it's happened to you, and there's a warrant out for your arrest right now??

Bryon said...

That's it. No more gas for me.

Anonymous said...

this is awesome.