Sunday, November 2, 2008

Decision '08...finally!

I'm so excited to be electing a new president in 2 days...I guess. I'm just really over Bush, so let's move on. I don't not like McCain. But I think of him as a bishop or pastor, and Sara Palin is the Primary President or the Compassionate Service Committee head. She'd be so good at organizing meals for new moms or sick grandpas. I kinda like the Obama/Biden combo these days, not a ton, but we don't have a lot of options. It's interesting living in such a Repub state where I kinda feel like people think its crazy to think and follow the debates, etc., instead of just going with the republican, whoever it is or whatever their political views and agendas are. I feel like republicans in general, (not all) and a lot here in Utah need to be reminded that democrats are in fact Americans as well. And on the news a couple days ago there was a story about a team of BYU Democrats that are receiving a lot of grief about their political views. Other students are telling them that they are not following the Book of Mormon. These stories don't offend me, they just still surprise me. But I have heard comments and other 'presentations', if you will, in religious circles, both Mormon and evangelical that have really bothered me. Oh well. I won't go into it, this was enough of a vent for me. I'm just really excited for it to be over! And overall, I'm just happy that there is anyone who is willing to take on the mess that we're in and has been created and getting worse the past 8 years.
Just vote! Go HERE if you have questions about voting locations, etc. And lastly, I think our country needs to remember something that's been said millions of times, and seen by all of us, probably daily, but is largely overlooked these days...when we really need it most. He's still in control.


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Bryon said...

I think it is sad that I think this but I don't think either candidates are going to change anything for me (A single moderate income male). I think my goal for the next 4 years is to personally make a difference in things (poverty, education etc) on my own.

You can check this link out to if you are interested in more about mormon democrats. I think there is a difference in Mormon Democrats and National Democrats and that has to be taken into consideration too...bla bla bla I'm boring myself

chris said...

I agree with you. The God part. And I agree with Bryon, the we need to all make changes ourselves part. It seems there isn't much any one man will be able to do for us now.