Sunday, November 16, 2008

Scott & Laura's Wedding

On Nov. 13th my youngest brother got married. It was a pretty short courtship. (They met a little over 5 months ago.) But I guess when it's right, it's right! My friend Kylee was the photographer and she did a fab job.
It was a really fun day. A little cold, but at least we didn't get rain or wind...much. (This next collage is just for Kristin, who will have something sarcastic to say about my awesome relationship with Paul...which she's clearly jealous of! ;) haha!)
Congratulations Scott and Laura.
Love you both a lot.


Melanie said...

Love your dress!

chris said...

So the youngest one is hitched huh?! That's a little bit of pressure for you I bet. ;) What are you ahd Paul waiting for??! lol

Platt Family said...

Congrats to your brother! It looks like a beautiful wedding! I love the dress and the brown colors!

kim said...

Are you next?