Saturday, November 8, 2008

Prop 8

This is gonna be a short post, because I don't have much to say. Everything that is going on right now that started at the LA temple and made its way to SLC last night really makes me sad. I've been reading all about this online and I'm stopping now because I'm overwhelmed. This blog is getting a lot of traffic after it was on local news last night.

The Mormon church is not anti-gay, they are pro-traditional marriage. There's a difference. I don't agree with everything mormonism teaches, but I respect it.

I personally don't feel that if I'm married to a man, and the man that lives next door is also married to a man, that that takes away from, or makes my marriage less real or meaningful. But church and state need to remain separate.

This website has a lot of pictures from the protest on Thursday night.
It's sad to see, and I think the anger is a little misdirected. I believe the LDS church was right in getting involved with the "Yes on 8" campaign, as were the Catholics and Evangelicals who were also very involved and supportive. I know some of my readers won't agree, but this is my blog... This dust too, will settle.


Bryon said...

I do think that the protest is/was misdirected. Ultimately I believe the protest was protesting against the right of the LDS Church to voice it's opinion. I don't agree with that.

kim said...

I agree with Bryon. And I agree with you on the church and state thing and the dust will settle thing.

Mandy said...

I'm with you! I don't know how I feel about same-sex marriage (if I had been a California voter, I would have left that one blank), but I think churches can and should encourage their congregations to support or oppose things they feel are moral issues. No laws were broken (churches are 501c3 nonprofits, and these types of organizations can support or oppose issues, just not candidates or parties).

Platt Family said...

I actually think the protest was very stupid! Protest by all means if you have an issue, but the way that people protrayed themselves was a bit immature!