Monday, August 4, 2008


The Greenhalgh's went camping last week. It was relaxing and fun. I read an awesome book that maybe I'll do a book report on later. My dad made a lot of good food and we just hung out and had a really good time.We both don't really like hot dogs, but we ate 'em anyway.
These two were totally committed to the 'pig-in-a-blanket' and Laura cheated and used buns.
I guess I wasn't cute enough for camping...Laura 'trying' to help me out.
Mom is a little girl scout.
So romantic and cute.
S'mores.Some more S'mores.Fishin'. I like my brothers.
We burned a lot of stuff.Dave was proud of his fire so he did a fire dance.

It was a fun trip. My mom and dad do a great job at putting these little family camping trips together. We pretend like we don't know how much work it is, but we know it is. Thanks mom and dad!


Platt Family said...

Your mom is so cute, she always knows how to do everything. Looks like a great family trip. I need to learn to camp more.

Melanie said...

Oh man... did your dad make Dutch Oven Ribs? Mmmm...

brian said...

Why wasn't I invited and when are we going camping? That looks fun!! and I need to get out of this heat