Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Project 365: 315-322

November 11- We had lunch for Paul's birthday today at his office with his family and coworkers. His cake is pink because I'm giving him another girl!
November 12- Addie got an early birthday present in the mail today from Mimi. A pillow train! (She make 4 pillow cases and sewed them all together and put a pillow in each one. Pinspiration.) Both kids love it. Garrett might need his own... 
November 13- 90 degrees, sharing a bag of target popcorn and a drink by the Whittwood fountain. And today, we called that lunch. (Garrett not pictured because I think he was in the fountain.)

November 14- Stop it right now Southern California. Those two days of sweater and scarf weather were nice while they lasted. 
November 15- Happy Birthday to my beautiful girl. Two years already. 
November 16- Birthday party with the Whites. Monsters Inc. cupcakes and cake pops. 
November 17- We took lunch to some friends today to see their new home and new baby. Garrett and Addie loved their enclosed patio/sunroom area, and spent most of the day playing and eating out there. Thankfully, because the adults ate in a clean, white, formal dining room and I made pasta. Toddlers + marinara + white linens = Anxiety mom. 
November 18- There's a pretty sick two-year-old girl under that dirty puppy pillow. And an awesome, busy-with-work dad, who knew she was too sick for me to drive her to the doctor myself. We're pretty sure she's dehydrated because three days ago (on her second birthday) we FINALLY took the baby bottles away and only give her sippy cups now. (It's Ridiculous how much this stubborn girl hated sippy cups.) Anyway, I wasn't doing very good at keeping track of how much fluid she was getting and apparently it wasn't enough. Small chance it's a stomach bug, but a shot of anti-nausea meds and some juice and pedialyte in the one bottle I didn't throw away and she's already doing better. 

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