Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Project 365: 291-308

October 18- They didn't finish all of their dinner, But they're still trying to inch their way to the playground without us noticing.
October 19- A couples baby shower for one of Paul's friends. This is all the guys, minus one, plus wives and kids.
October 20 – Goin' on a fall hayride at Irvine Park.
October 21 – "I get my Ya-ya's at IKEA, you have to put them together yourself but they cost a little less." (Name that TV show.) It's time for some new dressers. We're building and painting this week.
October 22- We had to go to IKEA tonight for missing parts to one of our dressers. Only to find out that the parts aren't available, and the dresser is out of stock until sometime next week. At least kids eat free on Tuesday. So, silver lining. Whatever.
October 23- Garrett is always very thoughtful about where he'll put his Trader Joe's stickers. Addie's are always covering her arms and clothes before we even make it to the car.
October 24- Garrett got a gift card for his birthday from his auntie Mara and Uncle Aron. He was pretty excited to have his own "swipe card" at the store tonight. (And no I didn't make him use it on barbecue sauce or mustard. He got a Dusty book.)
October 25- We were determined to find fall on our walk today. It took a lot of trees but we found some pretty great colors.
October 26- These two are ready to go trunk or treating.
October 27- Knottsberry farm.
October 28- I had to do food for two events this morning. So it was a pajamas, underwear, fend-for-yourself kind of morning. The kids played great together (thankfully) until around lunchtime. And all I had to do during naptime was clean the kitchen from top to bottom, pick up every platter, every shipping box, and every children's book we own. NBD. 
October 29- The kids found the Christmas trees at hobby lobby. And I found way more than what I went in for.
October 30- Paul have the day off today so we did some Christmas shopping. (I'm hoping to be done by Thanksgiving this year.) They were all pretty excited about it.
October 31- This is the way to trick-or-treat! Happy Halloween!
November 1- I finally finished the IKEA dresser today that was missing parts. Paul ended up cutting the missing pieces for me so we didn't have to drive out there for a third time. I still need to write them a letter.
November 2- The kids are napping, Paul's working, and I'm using a blow dryer to heat up dry hot glue so it's easier to scrape off the floors of the dollhouse I'm re-doing. It's a fancy Saturday around here.
November 3- Like father like daughter. Dave Ramsey addicts, working on the budget.
November 4- My trash talking texts to our friends in Chicago didn't work for me. And Aaron Rodgers getting hurt didn't work for my fantasy team.

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