Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Project 365: 309-314

November 5- It got a little Christmasy around here today. We made those plastic melty stain glass window looking ornaments. Also, if I was a sentence hashtagger, some of them would read: Don't do plastic melty stain glass window looking things with the two and three-year-old. Addie ate some plastic pellets. Those tiny pieces were everywhere and will be stuck in the carpet for years. You can't even tell that one is candy canes and one says Merry Christmas. There's four dollars I'll never see again. At least the kids had fun.

November 6- I continue making the mistake thinking 'this will be the day that both kids are manageable at the store'. I made them stand against this wall and count to 10 without moving. Garrett made it to six, with much concentration. Addie made it to one before they both darted off in opposite directions. 

November 7- I've never gone to Target needing only one thing, and actually made it out having only bought that one thing. But oh my gosh. Vintage Fisher-Price toy ornaments.

November 8- Red cups at Starbucks. It's Christmas!

November 9- The sign does a great job at describing Garrett and Addie's behavior during most of our family photo session today.

November 10- Homemade pizza and cupcakes! We celebrated Paul's birthday tonight with the kids because he and I have a hot date tomorrow night. 

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