Monday, November 4, 2013


I gotta get back on a better blog routine. But I'm afraid that wont happen until I have a new computer. Sigh...

Until then, it'll be short, probably sparse/updates in spurts, kinds of posts. But I guess that's better than nothing. 

When Paul and I went to Vegas for our anniversary, and met up with some of our best friends, Mara and Aron, I committed on that trip that I'd go visit them before the end of the year. They are such great friends, some of our best, and I miss them like crazy. Even though we're about as far from each other (in America) as we can be, we still manage to talk/text/vox/communicate in some way everyday. 

Mara and I are about as different as two people can be. She rolls out of bed looking beautiful and could make scrubs look hot. She always dresses A-mazing. She accessorizes like a professional model and she looks like one too. And she makes it look easy. I rarely go out without some sort of spill on my clothes, and if I do make it out in something clean there's usually some sort of stickiness in my hair to cancel out my attempt. But don't worry, no one notices it because its in a messy bun that I haven't taken down for a couple of days. Her house is spotless. Decorated so beautifully, and smells so welcoming. Candles burning in the bathroom, fresh clean towels, no finger prints on the mirror. I'm pretty sure when she came to LA last year to help me out of my dark days, I had to clear a path to the guest room as she arrived and throw a roll of toilet paper in the messy bathroom just in time. But I've never felt judged by her. Ever. She's so kind, uplifting, encouraging, supportive, thoughtful, generous. She's everything everyone needs in a true friend.  And even though jobs/husbands have taken us further and further from each other, we're determined to live close to each other again someday. 

Anyway, I went to Atlanta. Alone. For four days. It was the perfect trip! I loved every bit of it and it went by way too fast. We stayed up until 2 or 3am every night, and had fun, full days everyday. 

The kids and Paul dropping me off. 
It was hard to leave these little munchkins!
Mara took me to the World of Coke museum and factory. It was so cool and I love me some diet coke. 
This vault holds the secret recipe. 
This bear is kinda scary looking. 
Original soda shop. 

I sent this to Paul.

We had lunch in Roswell, where they live. Most charming little town I've ever seen. 
Atlanta far exceeded my expectations. It was so beautiful. I wish I'd taken more pictures of all the trees. 

This is bamboo outside a fun southern barbecue place we had dinner. 
A plantation home tour. 

More time in Roswell. See? Charming. 
All the shops had displays like this. I left feeling envious of the small town charm and southern hospitality. 

It was so fun to be with them, just hanging out at their house and talking for hours. Mara and I made pizza and Aron barbecued it on the grill. 

This is a window in their living room. I felt like I was living in a tree house. 

Mara and I love dinosaurs. She found a fun ice cream place that served Dino kid sundaes. So of course we had to go. I even bought some extra cookies to bring home to the kids because I'm forcing them to love dinosaurs too. 
On the day I left we did more shopping, brunch, and Mara taught me how to use Annie Sloan chalk pajnt and wax. We refinished this bench just in time before heading to the airport. 
It was the best trip and it was hard to leave. But it was great to get back to my family, too. 
Thank Mara and Aron for such a great time! And thanks Paul for taking the time off work to be with the kids and for buying me a plane ticket!

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