Thursday, November 7, 2013

Fall days, 5k's, and Halloween parties.

It's been fall-y around here. Like, highs in the low 70's and we even had some rain one day. I'm loving the hoodies in the evenings and slippers in the mornings. A few days ago the kids and I went on a hunt for fall. This is what we found.

We spent the rainy morning making rainbows. (And burritos, which Garrett was way more impressed with than the rainbow.)

We did a 5k through the Lion's club. It looks cold but it was a perfect morning. 

At about 0.2k's in Garrett needed a potty break. We lost our chance at 1st place pretty early on. 

That night we went to a trunk or treat party. 

We've been busy and the kids are lovig all these crazy holiday traditions. 

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