Wednesday, November 27, 2013


I decided the day before Thanksgiving would be a good time to post about Halloween.  I fall more and more behind everyday on blogging, but I'm so thankful for it so I won't give up.  I need a new computer!  I'm going to hit up every mall santa I can find this weekend, just to make sure he knows what I want for Christmas. 

I'm also struggling with phone blogging (obviously).  I can't get the pictures the size I want them.  I didn't realize they were taking up the whole screen until I looked at my blog on Paul's computer a few weeks ago, adn that discouraged me again.  Anyone only blog from your phone and have any good tips?  Photo size?  How to change the publish date?

Anyway, I wrote this on November 5th and I don't plan to change it, so if it doens't make sence, that's why. 

Halloween is over and we're going full speed ahead on holiday fun. I'm still giving thanksgiving it's day and I'm usually pretty strict about nothing Christmas before Thanksgiving. But this year November 1st meant ornament making, twinkle light buying, Christmas music, and moving a couple things around to make room for a Christmas tree.  Almost all of my Christmas decor is in Utah and I was hoping to get it from my parents over thanksgiving but now no one is coming out to visit us so I'm getting creative and also buying a few new things to make it merry and bright around here.

But Halloween. The two full buckets of candy are gone. The kids ate maybe two or three pieces each and the rest went to Paul's coworkers. (I may have eaten a couple mini candy bars.) Thankfully this year it was all about hunting and gathering and not so much about consuming. 

A couple days before Halloween we took the kids to Knott's thinking it would be cute and Halloween-y. It was decorated but more scary than fun. But they still enjoyed it. 

These ladies were...awkward. But the kids were amused. 

I hope these two always adore each other this much. 

Because we live in more a shopping part of town and less neighborhoody we went trick or treating at a mall. We had dinner first and then got plenty of candy in less than 15 minutes. That's the way to do it!

My mother in law bought the boots and shirts at a John Deere outlet a few months ago. I had the bandanas, and I picked up the hats at the dollar store. Next year they will probably care more, but I was happy this year to costume two kids for two bucks!

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