Friday, October 19, 2012

these kids...

I love staying home with my babies.  I sometimes wish I worked, or wonder what it would be like to work outside the home, even part time.  Sometimes I feel like I should...sometimes it sounds like a nice break...sometimes I want more adult conversations.  But when it comes down to it, I'm so thankful that we have enough that I'm able to be with my babies full-time.

And here's what we do...
 Ever since learning to crawl, both my kids have loved trying to climb in boxes, baskets, and buckets.
 I found a drawer full of 6-9 month pants.  I hate when I over-look clothes!  Fortunately, Addie is skinny enough that the drawer of pants is now a drawer of capris!  (Except these overalls were a no go, she couldn't even lift her arms and the sides wouldn't snap.)
 Capris and sunglasses!  A California girl for sure.
 Garrett is a helpful one.  He wants to be involved in everything.  So dad let him help re-pot the plants.

 More helping from Garrett.  I was working on some projects for my nephews nursery and Garrett really wanted to help.  So I thought of a quick project for him, and it worked!  I pulled out some cereal and noodles and made some lines with glue, and Garrett did the rest.  (Except for the 'A' he would NOT do the A.)

 His finishes craft for his cousin.

 Wrestling on the floor with my girl.

We took the kids to a pumpkin patch a few nights ago and we were the only ones there.  I felt bad for the kids trying to sell their pumpkins, but it was nice to let the kids play and we got a couple good pictures.
 Addie was carefully searching for the perfect pumpkin.
 Look at this face.  I love that kid!
Taking a break from the great pumpkin hunt.

 Garrett was in charge of carrying each pumpkin we picked and taking it to the front so we could pay.  He did a great job and lined them up biggest to smallest.
I think we'll hit up a couple more patches before the end of the month.
 "Help me. Help me. Help me."  He always wants to help and be involved in everything.
We went to BJ's in Huntington beach.  Right after this picture below was taken, I picked up my Diet Coke, that was actually Diet Pepsi (strike one already), and the bottom of the glass stayed on the table. A wall of soda flooded over the edge of the table into my lap.  The manager, "So the glass just split?" Me, "Yep. I just picked it up and the bottom stayed on the table." Him, "I think it's a manufacturer defect because that actually happens a lot." Me...(you can probably imagine how hard I bit my tongue because I had too many awesome things come to mind that Paul would get mad at me for saying.)  Him, "If you'd like to bring me your dry cleaning bill I'll happily reimburse you." Me...(more tongue biting as I was rockin' my 5 year old 8 dollar Target dress.)  Anyway, we got free appetizers, free dessert, and free diet coke pepsi.  And I still love BJ's because of their Margherita pizza and because a portion of every pizookie purchase goes to the CF foundation.  But seriously, find a new glass manufacturer and switch to diet coke.
 A new friend in Huntington Beach.
 Burger King, outdoor playground, and weather out of the hundreds.  Finally!

 "Mom, truck. Mom, truck!"  I looked back and he was holding up his toy truck to the window comparing it to the one outside that looked the same.
 I love these two.

 G thought dad's golf club covers were shoes.
 Game night with friends. Garrett's friend P was teaching him how to play battleship.  He was being so patient with him.  When I went to check on them, P said to me, "He kind of just wants to put all the pieces in every hole, but he's not doing that bad for a 2 year old."
 Learning how to line dance.  Garrett really got into it.
That about catches us up.  And here's a couple funny things G has said/done the past couple days.

Yesterday morning I laid on the couch and said to Garrett, "I'm too tired today.  Can I be the baby and you be the Mama?  He looked at me for a second, as if thinking about swapping, then said, "Ummmm, no."

I was going into the bathroom, and any mom of a toddler knows that if the kid knows you're going in the bathroom, you won't be alone for long.  Garrett has his own toilet in the bathroom and he often sits on it when I'm in there. (Special bonding time.)  This particular time I stopped and grabbed a tampon from the box under the sink, and heard Garrett running, "Mom! Mom! Mom!"  I said, "Ok! Ok! Come sit on your toilet."  Without missing a beat he opened the cupboard under the sink, grabbed a tampon, plopped down on his toilet  then held up the tampon and said, "Mine."  Ok, can't be exactly like me.

And in other news, Addie took her first steps yesterday.  She lets go of things and stands unassisted a lot, but twice yesterday she let go and took a couple of steps forward!  It's so fun to see babies learn new things.  But who knows, it may be within a couple days that she'll be walking around, or like Garrett's first steps, it may take 2 or 3 months to decide she's a fan of the whole walking thing.

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