Sunday, October 7, 2012

Garrett's Big {over the} Top 2nd Birthday!

Here's how it went...

I thought to myself a couple months before his birthday... Let's see, Garrett's Birthday...nothing big...hmm...he loves hot dogs...and popcorn and snow cones... I know!  We'll have a little circus-y themed family party!  A couple days later I found an 8 pack of circus paper plates on sale and thought, "Eight should be enough."

Then a few days later while driving with my mother in law, I told her, "So, Garrett loves hot dogs, and I found some cheap circus plates, so maybe we can have a little family party and call it a 'Circus'.

Fast forward to Saturday September 22nd.

(Click on each collage to make them bigger.)
The arrows were custom ordered from The Wood Connection in Murray, UT.  I made the pennant banners and the photo blocks.  Wood used on blocks from Home Depot.  Finials and bases from Hobby Lobby.  And I took the pictures of Garrett one evening before the party.
My mother in law made the (amazing) tents.  The lemonade bottles are Starbucks Frappuccino bottles.  Even if you're not a coffee drinker, these bottles are cheaper than any empty ones I found.  Birthday banner from Hobby Lobby.
 I saved cans and covered them in scrapbook paper.  This was the most popular game.

The centerpieces were popcorn cups from Target, pinwheels I made, and fresh sunflowers from Trader Joe's.  As well as buckets of peanuts and circus wind-up toys.
Garrett's Big Top Candy Shop.  My dad helped me build the frame of it, my mom made the awning.  The scale is from Hobby Lobby (bought a long time ago) and the jars are from anywhere and everywhere.  I've had a collection for years.  In the shop there was, pixy stix, licorice ropes, circus peanuts, circus mints, gun balls, salt water taffy, circus animal crackers, colored marshmallows, lemon heads, clown noses and crayons.  
 The prop table.  All the props are from The Wood Connection.
 My friend Ashleigh did a little face painting for us.
 Addie was catching some shut eye when things got started, but she finally decided to join us.  I found the train car on  It was pink and purple and the seller was asking $10.00.  I offered $5.00 and got it. And then added a little spray paint and cut the letters on my cricut.  I made Addie's tutu.  It's just a headband and strips of tulle.  I also made the leggings from a pair of adult knee socks.
 The duck pond was a hit as well.  Purchased at Party City.
Blow up clown shoes are from Decor Party Supply.  We made the circus sign with a piece of wood, paper mache letters from Joann's, a drill, and Christmas light.  It fell over before we even started, and only half of the lights worked. :(  All of the fabric for the backdrops, tables, tents and banners, was purchased at either the fabric district in downtown LA, or M & L discount fabric in Anaheim.
 Oh and we also hired a petting zoo.  (I told you we were keeping it small.)  Goats, bunnies, pigs, chickens, sheep...and a pony and a horse.  This was so. much. fun.  The kids got to go in and play with the animals,  and ride the ponies as much as they wanted.  The traveling zoo brought the fencing and got everything all set up in no time.  It was great.  Garrett rode a pony at Thanksgiving Pointe a few months ago and was not a fan.  So I was worried that after my in-laws went to all this work finding it, that Garrett would be scared.  I guess he just needed a couple more months, because he loved it!  He tried to pick up all the animals, and he never wanted to stop having turns on the pony.  He even rode the big one several times.

 Addie rode it, too.  She was all business.  Like that pony was taking her to a destination and there was no time for smiles.  But she didn't seem to mind.

 Look how cute my kids are.  Garrett was only not smiling because he wasn't happy about having to share the saddle.
 The cake table.  I made all the cupcakes and the little cake.  The toppers were from Decor and Hobby Lobby.  My mother in law made the cupcake ferris wheel.  Isn't it amazing!?  I wouldn't even be able to begin to tell you how she did it, but it was somethin' else.
 Hot dog cooker and popcorn popper from  Hot dog baskets were from World Market and Target.  Basket liners are from World Market.  Pretzel holder is a mug rack.  Circus food is so easy.  We served: Hot dogs, gourmet dogs with chili, onions, cheese, and jalapinos.  Corn dogs, chips and salsa, nachos, soft pretzels, fruit, vegi trays, popcorn, snow cones, cotton candy, and peanuts.
 My good friend Kevin, over at The Wood Connection built the frame for me.  I painted it and added fabric and the banner.  The photo booth and props were so much fun.  I tried hard to get everyone over there, but I think we still missed a few.

 My father in law bought a book and did a little balloon practice and was actually quite good.
 The pinata is from Party City.  Notice that Garrett is only in one picture.  The one where he's gently and ever so lightly tapping the side of the clown.  And when he saw the poor clown broken on the ground he almost cried and was not interested in treats or prizes from inside of it.  It was then that I realized how bazaar an activity it really is.  Why would we beat something that made our party look so cute??  From now on, if we ever do one again, it will be an insignificant item, like a ball, or a tire, or something not real looking and not cute.
He loved being sung to, and he loved blowing out the candles.  And eating the cake, too.  The hanging circles are paint chips that I stole got for free from home depot.  I have paper punches that I cut them with and then hot glued them to strings and tied them to a dowel.
 Happy Happy Birthday to my favorite 2 year old in the whole world.
Dad, Mom, Me and Addie, Paul and Garrett, David and (GF) Melissa, Phil, Annie, Poppy and Bekah.  I made all the clown shirts.  Michael's had a 50% off sale so they were $2.00 each.  I used fabric glue and all different ribbons that I had one hand.  Pom poms are from any craft store and I hot glued those on.  Thanks family, for humoring me and wearing them the whole time!

A big thank you to Phil. Bekah, and Annie.  There were a lot of hours and a lot of money put into this party, and it wouldn't have happened without them!

And thank you to Sarah from Dovetail Images for capturing every bit of it, so I could just enjoy the party!


Heidi Rogers said...

Wowzers! What a fun looking party! Can't believe he's 2 already!

Dana said...

you. are. amazing.
You're one of those people whose stuff I pin on Pinterest with the hopes of getting my stuff in order and doing it by my child's 6th birthday party. :) How about a quick trip to Utah next year around August 30th? :) How I wish we could have been in those pictures too!! Happy birthday Garrett, you are too sweet!!!

Carlie Sue said...

this is the most incredible thing I've ever seen! You really are amazing! I love EVERY DETAIL! it's darling. oh and you're hired for my baby girls one year birthday party in february 2014. see you then! :)