Monday, October 15, 2012

My new title

I became an aunt on 10.11.12!

My nephew, William Taylor came 5 weeks early.  I mentioned the rough pregnancy in another post.  Bed rest, high fluids, steroids to speed up lung development, and the hope that he'd stay in until October 25th (Due Nov. 15).  My sister in law went in for her 34 week checkup on Oct. 9th and was dilated to 5cm.  She should have been in active labor.  The doc said if she dilated more than that with no contractions they've have to break her water and take the baby.  2 days later she was at 7cm and still not a single contraction.  They sent her right to the hospital, broke her water, and she had the worlds easiest and shortest labor, (water breaks, oh maybe that's a contraction, ok they're getting stronger, oh, I can push? 1, 2, 3, and he was here.  All in less than an hour).  She held him for only a second and he turned blue and stopped breathing.  They took him from her and did CPR.  It was a scary first few hours.  They put him on oxygen and started doing tests.  There was concern with his heart, lungs, diaphragm, and brain.  At one point I got an emotional phone call from my dad saying they doctors were saying they may life flight him to Primary's for open heart surgery. But by the grace of God, things have slowly been getting better.  He was able to stay in St. George and is in the NICU, but improving everyday.  Still not sure how long he'll be in there, but I'm just waiting for the green light and me and the kids will be driving up to see him.  I can't wait!  These fuzzy cell phone pictures aren't cutting it anymore.

Look at that hair!  He has more than my Addie has now, and she's almost a year old.  He's so cute and I can't wait to hold him and spoil him.


Dana said...

Oh he's adorable! We're praying for him. xoxo

Heidi Rogers said...

He is very cute! Congratulations auntie! Will add him to my prayer list. :)

Carlie Sue said...

can I just say, I am praying for them! We went through the same thing! crazy! I hope to hear good things soon! Tell her it gets easier with each day in the NICU and to pay close attention to the spirit there, it is really amazing the miracles happening in that section of the hospital! And, if he has to come home on oxygen, it's going to work out! :)