Tuesday, October 2, 2012

My boy is 2!

Garrett turned two on the 23rd of September.  My parents and my older brother and his girlfriend came to town for the festivities, which I promise I'll blog about within the week.  We hired a photographer for the party and the disc will be in the mail in the next day or so.  But here's a recap of the rest of the weekend.

Waiting for family to arrive on friday.
Saturday morning David and Melissa took us to breakfast across the street at California Grill.  The gave Garrett cake and sang to him and he blew the candle out on the first try.  (Leading up to his party I'd talk about how he was going to be two and he'd hold up two fingers.  I'd also sing 'Happy Birthday' once in a while and as soon as I'd finish he'd pretend to blow out candles, so he was ready for the real thing!)  

Saturday evening was the party, so we spent most of the day setting up and preparing.  Here's a clue on the theme, and some post-party relaxing.  (Me and Melissa)

Sunday was his birthday and that morning Paul made french toast, and of course we stuck a candle in his and sang again.

I'm two!

We were all too tired from the night before to do anything super exciting so he just opened a few presents that we didn't get to during the party.

We headed to my in-laws that afternoon for a little clean up, swimming, and leftovers.

We took a break from cleaning to play with all the stuff that was still around the yard.

We reused his party cake and he opened a few more presents.

Look at that face.  He was so thrilled about the super hero dress up stuff from Grandma and Dudepa.
Grammy and Grandpa Greenhalgh got him a bike and he was so excited.  He does pretty well on it and loves taking it for spins in the mortuary parking lot.
I love this kid so much.  It's been the best two years of my life.  

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ErinandShane said...

Ok first off, when I say 'You make me sick' that's the shock and jealously talking. The truth behind my words is thus:

'You are such a good mom. You do so many awesome things and I think you are amazing. Have you considered being an event coordinator? You have the skill, talent, and I know you like a good bargain...maybe you should consider it so the rest of us could benefit from your mad skills!'