Wednesday, March 28, 2012

and *then* the pediatrician said:

I don't remember if I ever told you about the last minute fill-in ped we saw for Addie's 2 month well check when I had to change her appointment.

But first, yesterday, talking with our regular ped...

Him: Addison looks great. She's in the 50th percentile for her height and her weight.

Me: And the 100th for her head?

Him: (a little half smile) Nnnnoo....just the 97th.

Paul: (Laughs out loud)


So, back to the 2 month well check.

I took Addison by myself and the ped I'd never met was going over her measurements....

Her: Wow. Did you have a c-section?

Me: No

(awkward silence)

Me: Why?

Her: Because her head is so huge I'm just really surprised she fit through.

Me: (kind of laugh)

She then looks at me, but doesn't make eye contact. More, looks around at my head like it's a giant globe and she's trying to locate all the continents.

Her: But I see that it runs in the family.

Me: . . . .

Her: Can I measure your head, just to see how big it is?

Me: Sure. Why the hell not.

She measures...well, *tries* to measure...

Her: Yeah...your head is too big to even measure with the adult sized measurer.

Me: So just to make sure we're clear, my daughter and I have HUGE heads??

I don't get offended because none of our doctors here are American. Seriously, between my kids and I, we've seen 14 doctors in California and only two of them are American. Doctors of other nationalities are more free with their words and less careful about offending, that's my experience anyway. I'm used to it, and I don't mind it. Adds a little fun to an otherwise routine visit.

And I think Addie-cake's head is adorable, even if it is like an orange on a toothpick.


Melanie said...

Both my kids had average or even smaller than average heads at delivery... then they got huge too. And, it comes from my side, I'm pretty sure.

Reminds me about what you told me some OB told her brothers first wife about marrying pinheads.

Heidi said...

Same here! Although I don't I actually have a huge head, but my brother does and Daniel's is on the large side as well. Atticus' was off the charts, but it's slowing to follow his growth curve, thankfully.

Jes said...

Phoebe's head was the 98th percentile when she was born. Last check she was down to 95th. Our American ped put a positive spin on it and said, "lots of room for brains." He's a very sweet man. And was wise enough to not ask to touch my head.

Dana said...

LOL! I'm just now getting caught up on your blog.. for the last like 3 months! Haha... a friend of mine met a foreign woman who told her that the placement of her mole on her face meant that she would have bad luck in life. "Thanks!" And, for the record, I've never noticed you have a huge head. But, I do know you're smart!