Friday, March 23, 2012

2 husbands

Paul's friend (and my friend), Braden, came to town for the week. He's an apprentice at the funeral home Paul worked at in Utah and he's in the new Mortuary Science program that just started this year at SLCC, but we're trying to convince him to move here, work for White Emerson, and go to school where Paul went. I don't know if it'll happen, but we at least convinced him to spend his spring break out here to check it out.

He went to work everyday with Paul, so every evening I had two men come through the door in suits and ready for dinner. I even got "Hi honey, we're home." a couple times.

I didn't take any pictures with my camera, but I got a couple with my phone.

Here's Braden seeing how many toys he can stuff in Garrett's jacket before it makes him tip over.And here's the men and the kids walking into an event that Paul sponsored for work. Braden thought they looked like Mormon missionaries. I thought we all looked like a Polyandry family because I was walking ahead of them with the bags and bottles.It was nice to have an extra set of hands, but I'm sticking to my one husband!

Also this week, Garrett's hair got long enough to be able to put an elastic around it. Look at that shaggy mess!Addison got even cuter.And I've been working on all kinds of projects. Picture frames...sewing...resin...making lists of new things to buy and make when I'm in the craft mecca (Utah) in a couple weeks... I wish I had a huge studio where I could organize everything and leave stuff out all the time, and I wish I had a little more uninterrupted time, but it's so great to be creative again. Maybe I'll take some pictures of what I've been working on sometime.

And it's the weekend! Paul worked last weekend so he's ready for a break. We're taking the kids on a much needed mini-vacay. I'm not even sure where...Palm Springs I think. And it's Hunger Games weekend!!! I'm more excited for this than I have been about anything in a really long time.

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