Sunday, March 25, 2012

Family Vacation

Paul and I want to take the kids on a little trip every year. Even if it's just for a night. I though that camping would be our thing, and maybe it will be eventually, in like 3 or 4 years. But not at this age. (Last summer with just one kid showed me it's too soon for that.)

Last year we took Garrett to San Diego for a night and we went to the zoo. This year the four of us went to La Quinta, (Palm Springs area). Paul's second cousin has a vacation home there that we stayed in. It was so nice to get away for a night. And we had nothing planned and didn't do much of anything either. Perfect vacation! The kids both napped for a long time when we first got there. We went on a walk in Old Town when they woke up. We went to a Thai restaurant for dinner. Ran by Target to see if that had a cake plate I wanted that our Target sold out of. (They had it.) And then went back to the house for the evening.Funny story at dinner. It was a tiny little restaurant, and their obvious goal was to hit the max amount of seating that the law allowed. Cra-ammed. There were two cute old couples sitting together who's laps we practically got seated on for dinner. They were done eating and just sitting and visiting. The kids were being good, but Addie wanted to be out of her car seat and Garrett wanted to touch everything, and he was at a arms reach of about 4 tables so we had to watch him closely. We ordered and our food came. As soon as it came, one of the cute Grandmas reached for Addie and said, "Here, let me hold her so you can enjoy your dinner." It was kind of one of those, "Ahh...what do we do?!" moments, but we passed her over. As she took Addie from Paul, cute little Garrett had the most precious reaction. His bottom lip sagged and began to quiver as he fought back the tears. He looked at me, then at Paul, then back at me. He looked so sad and confused. I wish I knew exactly what he was thinking at that moment, but I will forever believe that he absolutely loves his sister and can't imagine living without her in our lives, and the sadness on his face was because he thought we were giving her away. I kept saying, "It's ok pal, she's right there, it's ok." He finally seemed kind of ok with it, but kept looking over at her a lot just to make sure.

We put both of the kids to bed and then played cards and ate the new coconut m&m's. You have to try them. Delish!...if you love coconut, and chocolate, and hard candy shells that melt in your mouth- not in your hand, because that's what they are.Both kids were little rock star sleepers. I always have vacation sleep anxiety. G slept 11 hours, and Addie slept 8.5, had a quick feeding, then slept 2 more before we had to wake her to head to the farmer's market.We wandered old town again, had a farmer's market breakfast and we were on the road back home.We had to head back for Poppy's birthday party, but with a quick Hunger Games matinee before that.

About The Hunger Games. Paul has been telling me for days that my expectations were way too high, and that I probably needed to prepare a little to be disappointed. My expectations were exceeded. Come back tomorrow for a full movie review, right now I have some babies to go snuggle.

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