Sunday, September 5, 2010

Swiss Days

Paul had his first experience with Swiss Days in Midway yesterday. He actually enjoyed it more than I thought he would. I didn't take any pictures of anything Swiss, because there really isn't anything too Swiss about the actual event. A lot of booths of stuff that Paul said starts to all look the same. A lot of people and a lot of sun. It was a hot day yesterday and I unfortunately forgot to think about sunscreen. We met up with 5 friends and did a little shopping, had lunch, did a little more shopping, and called it a day. 3 of the 7 of us are pregnant and being on your feet in that kind of heat wears you out pretty fast. I didn't buy much. A couple things for the baby, a couple necklaces and some potpourri. Here is the only picture we got in Midway.
Our plan last night was to go nursing bra shopping, a fun Saturday night activity. But we were both so tired that I knew if we made it home we wouldn't leave again. So we stopped by the Park City outlets on the way home from Midway. It seemed like a mistake as we turned in toward the shopping area because it was so busy! Paul was gonna drop me off at the Motherhood Maternity outlet and circle around and pick me up, but we found a parking spot right in front of the store. We ran in, I tried a couple on, perfect fit, on sale, we paid, and we were on the road again in 15 minutes!

A couple hours later we headed over to Erik and Deb's house to drop off some DVDs. Jordon and Katie were there so the 6 of us went to dinner and talked for a couple hours. (I ate a lot of salsa and a jalapeno at dinner to try and induce labor but it didn't work.) I'd noticed my sunburn while trying on bras but as the evening progressed it seemed to get brighter, and everyone made sure I knew about it. The best part is that I was wearing a necklace with a square charm hanging from it, so this is how awesome I look now. And my cheeks and nose are pretty rosy too.It was a fun but exhausting day and Paul is glad Monday is a holiday to recuperate.


Platt Family said...

You look so fantastic for being in your 9th month, wow really good! Good for you for walking around and eating hot stuff to try to get labor started. No luck yet though hu, email me if you want some tips. I am sure you know most of them!!! I am waiting patiently to see your little guy!!! I can't even explain how much you will LOVE being a mother, and to a boy, the best!!!!! Good Luck!

RobyLynn said...

We totally got sunburned too!

We had fun with you guys yesterday. Glad you had success at the outlets. :)