Sunday, September 12, 2010

MythBusters: Labor Induction Edition

It's my due date and I'm still pregnant. I have moments where I'm thankful things are going well and that the baby 'just isn't ready yet'. All moments are thankful ones when it comes to that. But I'm getting kind of sick of hearing it, even though it's true... I also have the fear of going too long, fluids getting too low, baby getting too big, and needing to be induced. But I'm feeling ok at this point with however it all happens.

Having said that, I'd be lying if I said I wasn't really anxious to get this baby out of me. So, as a public service, and to pass some time, I'm going to tell you things that I've tried to induce labor and things that work and don't work... Actually, I'll just be telling you what doesn't work because the baby is still inside me...duh.

  • Walking. I walk a lot during the day and a few times a week Paul and I go for evening walks at the park across the street. The more I walk, the more I feel him on my bladder, but not enough to make him want to exit.
  • Swimming. I've been doing prenatal water aerobics at TOSH. Sometimes its pretty mild and sometimes I feel like I actually might be in labor in the pool, depending on the instructor that evening. But nothing, it doesn't work.
  • Foot massage. There are pressure points on the feet that can induce labor. A lot of women wont get pedicures during the 3rd trimester for that reason. I had a pedicure Friday afternoon and I made sure that little Vietnamese women knew she could massage the hell out of my feet. She did a good job, I have really cute toes, but it didn't work.
  • Spicy food. After my pedi I headed to my favorite Indian restaurant to visit my friend Sonny and have him make me a nice and spicy chicken curry plate. (Here's my quick plug- I've tried all the fancy and not so fancy Indian restaurants in the area and Curry in a Hurry takes the cake. I even took a cooking class from them one time to try and learn the art, and Sonny, the owner, came to my house a couple years ago and made a huge spread of Indian food for me and a dozen or so of my friends. It was magical. If you love Indian food, or if you hate it, try Curry in a Hurry. Done plugging.) It was yummy and spicy and it didn't work.
  • Nipple Stimulation. Or Nip Stim, the name our friends from bradley class gave it to make it sound a little less...awkward, maybe? It releases a hormone called Oxytocin which causes the uterus to contract and is suppose to start labor. Its not working.
  • Having 'S-E-X'. This one is twofold. Oxytocin is also released in this process for one, and the second is all the husbands job. His stuff contains Prostoglandins which are hormones that soften and ripen the cervix which help get labor started. So its true, some say the thing that gets the baby in can also get the baby out. But, its not working.
  • Bumpy rides. We live in a very bumpy neighborhood. I noticed it as soon as we moved here and its kind of annoying. But now I head for the bumpiest roads and I aim for the dips and potholes. And last night we went to Park City and drove around in a bumpy construction sight. It doesn't work.
  • Cafe Trio Chicken Pizza. Has anyone told you about this pizza? People call it 'labor pizza'. And I've heard several people swear that it induces labor. Paul called and ordered take-out Friday night. I made him asked about the pizza when he ordered it. And the lady taking his order assured him it was the pizza that many claim induces labor. When he picked it up the lady wished him luck and said it should work within 24 hours. I'm sure Cafe Trio has great food, but for me this pizza wasn't one of those items. I told Paul when we were going to pick it up that I don't like garlic. This pizza was COVERED with garlic cloves cut into quarters, mushrooms, which I don't mind, but definitely in moderation, chicken, and really strong flavored cheese. Every flavor on the pizza was intense and none of the toppings were things I really love. I ate 3 of the 8 pieces. I gagged once on slice #2 and twice on slice #3. But Paul loved it and ate the other 5 pieces. Oh yes, and it didn't work. Paul did however tell me yesterday morning that he thinks his water broke. I didn't think it was funny.
  • Pineapple. I made Hawaiian pizza for dinner last night. Two nights in a row of pizza toppings I don't love. I'm not a fan of anything involving cooked fruit. But I read that pineapple is another good labor inducer. So, I made it and ate it. It was actually really good, and I ate a lot of the leftover pineapple too. Didn't work.
I am no where near desperate enough to try the castro oil route, I've heard way too many horror stories about what comes out of both ends when you use that stuff. No thank you. Friday my doctor told me to schedule an appointment for next week, 'just in case' and I kinda wanted to die. But after going to breakfast with my awesome supportive husband, a relaxing pedicure, and some yummy spicy food and pizza, (which I feel totally fine about considering that I LOST 2lbs. this week), I feel a little better. I will however be 'checked' at my next appointment (if we make it that far) and I'll be asking my doctor to drop off an eviction notice to my little boy while she's in there. I guess no one told him that 9 months is long enough and that its time to vacate.

Also, I've prayed a lot. Not that the baby will hurry and be born, but just that things will continue to progress normally and that when the time comes I'll have a healthy little guy. I've also prayed for patience. I've prayed for that a lot in my life. But usually it goes something like this: "Please Lord, teach me patience, but hurry." ...I'm working on that...

Happy Due Date, Baby.


Elessar said...

please don't try Castrol oil, whatever you do ;-)

After Lindsey tried everything (including castor oil and cod-liver oil), she and her husband got in a vehement argument about drinking a beer to start labor... shortly after this argument, she started. Maybe the stress of arguing is what caused the labor... Or maybe Soren was just ready after being 2 weeks late!

Crystal said...

You poor thing. I would give you tips but I know you are just done with all of it. Plus I dont have any miraculous tips :-) I cant imagine how you feel. My and all my sisters got right up to our due date and then just end up getting induced on the "due date". If we didnt get induced I fear our babies would stay in for another month. So, I am here wishing you luck, and I will definitely be praying for you and baby until I hear word you had him :-)

Best of LUCK. Love you.

Granny/Lynda said...

Hi Cutie, Try scrubbing the floors on your hands and knees and making homemade bread all in the same day. It worked for me every time and all my babies were early so I WAS IN SHOCK EVERY TIME! Love ya, and am praying for a happy healthy mom and baby AND DAD of course! Lynda (Fife) Hartson

Jord and Jenn said...

I can't believe he isn't here yet. I also just play the waiting game with mine. I refuse to do castor oil. Sounds too crazy for me. I did, however, shoot hoops the night before Ayla was born which happened to be right on her due date. But honestly, I think the babies just come when they are ready. Good luck and hope it is soon!!

Mario said...

This was very informative, and the pictures were a nice touch!

Elizabeth said...

its gotta be fresh pineapple! ;)