Wednesday, September 15, 2010

I'm at a place called vertigo

Whenever I was awake yesterday (which wasn't much) that U2 song was in my head. Sunday night I started feeling a little sick. Monday it came and went all day. And Monday night in bed whenever I woke up to move I would feel like I was spinning, and spinning, and spinning... When I got up to pee I ran into the wall and had to hold on to things so I wouldn't fall over. I finally got out of bed at around 8:00 and I called my doc at 8:30. The nurse told me I should come in, she scheduled me at 1:00. I had 4 hours to sit and worry and be dizzy. The dizziness came and went. I went on a walk, took a shower, took a nap, and did a little shopping to pass the time. By the time I went shopping the dizziness was gone and I had a bit of a headache.

I got to the doc. They did all the normal stuff, and along with urine samples, weighing, checking my blood pressure, etc. they checked my breathing, my ears, legs, sinuses, and my reflexes. And with all that and what I described was happening at home, she determined I have vertigo. I guess it happens mostly in the first trimester (if it happens) and the solution is steroids. When it happens at the end of pregnancy, the solution is having a baby. So I wait. Sleep when I'm dizzy and sick, walk and do whatever when I feel ok.

I had another little scary moment at the doc. She has been telling me for about 4 weeks that the baby was head down. Once the baby is head down they usually stay that way. But she was checking him yesterday and she started to wonder if he was breech. She couldn't quite tell if she was feeling a head or a butt. And at this point its a big deal. She went with me to ultrasound for a quick look. It was just down the hall, but it felt like a mile, and the fact the my doctor was with me was weird too. I guess I appreciate it, but I didn't think it was typical for that to happen. They usually just send you off alone for additional tests...maybe it's not that weird because it was easier for her to just see for herself, but anyway. Baby is head down, butt up, still has cute little feet and a penis. It was a very, very short ultrasound, which is good, but it was fun to see my munchkin real quick.

We have another appointment tomorrow where we'll discuss the possibility of needed to be induced. We've already discussed it a couple times, but tomorrow we'll schedule it...hopefully won't make it to the scheduled date, but we gotta get a plan in place. Surprisingly, I'm doing ok.


Heidi said...

That's crazy! I didn't know vertigo was a pregnancy symptom. It'll go away, right?

I'm sure Baby PAW will come on his own, but you will do great even if you have to be induced. Good luck! We'll be prayin' for you guys!

Elizabeth said...

So, I saw your previous post, and it reminded me of this should just add 15 days to your due date :) Also...a FULL moon is coming up- which would complete your moon cycle!