Monday, September 6, 2010

Finished Nursery

I feel like I've been working on this little room forever. I kind of have. But even though its been an ongoing project for the past 5 months, I've had times where I worked on it a lot, and times where I did nothing for weeks. Waiting for more inspiration I guess! But alas, it's done and it's been really fun.

Here is the crib from The Wood Connection. We had it finished like this.
This is the bedding my mom made. It turned out even cuter than I imagined. It looks boyish enough I think, but I had my mom put a little flower fabric in the quilt so we can use it in the future if a little girl comes along. We'll also have a flower fitted sheet. I love this fabric. You'll notice its used in other little places in the room.This was one of my favorite projects. Also from The Wood Co. We bought it unfinished and I painted and stained it. I'm really happy with how it turned out.Here's the wall above it. That car frame will probably have a picture of baby in car seat on the way home from the hospital. Creative, I know. I also love the mini radio flyer wagon. I found it in California several months ago. Oh, and the round lamp? It was a flowery glass lamp and I mod podged strips of fabric on it to match the bedding.The changing table/dresser. Another Wood Co piece and we bought it finished like this.
This hangs above the changing table. I stained it to match the crib. I also made the "BABY" letter set. (More matching fabric) It was kinda hard to cut the fabric to fit the letters perfectly, but I did it.
The Pottery Barn glider. This chair probably cost as much as everything else in the room combined, but we don't regret it. My talented Aunt Shauna made the quilt that's on the glider. My friend Kevin at Wood Co made the 4 shadow box frames. And the vintage metal car, truck, plane and motorcycle are from California.
I made the mobile. I made one and didn't like it. Then I found these cars and planes at a wholesale store and made this one. Tweaked it a time or two and I finally like it.I also made the clock on the wall. Well, I bought the plain white clock and it had black numbers so I popped the frame and glass off and added all this fun color. It's just paper, stickers and buttons. I think its pretty cute...even if its hard to tell the time.I'm impressed if you're still reading. I'm almost done.

My mom hemmed this fabric for me for the curtains. I stained the clothes pins and glued the buttons on and the fabric is just clipped on the blind cover.
Here's the little closet. We decided to leave the door off. But its cute enough in there to do that. All the clothes wouldn't fit, but we have plenty of drawer space. And there's lots of storage space above the hangers.
The three edges of the frames to the left in the first closet picture are the babies initials. Here's a peek. His name also hangs above the crib in tiny little frames, but I left that picture out too. :)
I think that's finally it! A lot of stuff and a lot of detail for such a tiny little room. Now it just needs a baby!


Heidi said...

Wow, that looks pretty much amazing!

shauna/doug said...

You are amazing! It is all darling. I love it and wonder when you are going to become a decorator. The day is almost here. Your mom is home tomorrow and you have waited, so now is the time. Good luck pushing. I will be thinking about you. Loves.