Saturday, September 18, 2010

Eternal Optimist

I didn't get permission to write this post, so I won't be posting any pictures or using any names. I'll probably just say, "he", "she", and "baby". You'll be able to follow.

I talked to a dear friend on the phone tonight and I just need to share this. Paul and I started a birth class at the beginning of July and finished at the end of September, once a week for 12 weeks. On the first night of class we met another couple. We got there at the same time, walked in together, and on that first night, we were the only 2 couples there. We felt a pretty instant bond with them. They were happy, light hearted, sarcastic, Christian, about our same age, our due dates just a few weeks apart, excited to be parents, expecting a boy. We laughed at the same stuff in class, stuff that probably scared us so much that we just had to laugh. We encouraged each other. We gave each other a hard time if one of us forgot one of the answers. "Come on Andrea! Transition is the shortest and hardest part, shortest and hardest, shortest and hardest!" There were more than a couple weeks that sitting with them and being in the same boat, and then talking together after outside got us through all the stuff we needed to learn. We even both missed the same week of class and tried to use each other to make sure the instructor understood because we knew she's be mad. She and I can talk about poop, blood, cramps, sore parts, sex, fears, projectile vomit, pain, tears, and other bodily fluids and functions. Some people I consider close friends would probably never expect (or feel comfortable) having a conversation about any of these things, but if she read the list it would probably remind her of a story she hasn't told me yet. She's amazing, just one of those people you're instantly comfortable with, even more so than some of those close friends. And I've only been with her 11 times in a class, talked on the phone, texted, and emailed a handful of times.

She was due on September 25th ad her beautiful little guy came 5 days late. Everything went so well and I loved hearing every detail of his birth. He's had a tough time putting on weight and earlier this week her doctor decided she should take him to Primary Children's for some tests. They've been there for a couple of nights just feeling like and trusting that it was a feeding issue and a lactation specialist could work with them for a couple of days until he gained some weight, and then send them on their way. Today he was diagnosed with Cystic Fibrosis. My heart is just hurting for them and I feel so helpless. Tonight Paul and I got a little gift for baby and some food for mom and dad and dropped it off to be delivered to their room at the hospital. I knew they probably wouldn't want visitors, but I just wanted them to know we were thinking of them. She called me tonight to thank us and the way she talked to me just impressed me. I can't think of a better word than 'impressed'. She really is an eternal optimist. Even though I know she's shed a lot of tears today, and in our conversation this evening we were both fighting back the tears a time or two, she just has the most incredible attitude. She spoke about God and faith and moving forward with strength, confidence and optimism. She's overwhelmed at the unknown road ahead of her, but she knows that moving forward is the only way. She has a solid, unshakable relationship with God. And even at one point said she couldn't imagine going through something like this without knowing Him. Something that for a lot of people (maybe myself included) would make you question God instead of placing more trust in Him. And in the middle of all of this she even asked me how I was doing and told me she's praying for me.

We talked tonight about how we're both looking forward to family outings together and many, many play dates. That little baby could not be in better hands. He was send to an amazing couple who are absolutely in love with him and will do anything and everything to give him a wonderful life.

I want to be more like her with whatever comes my way.

Please keep this sweet family in your prayers.


shauna/doug said...

Just waiting for PAW to make his entrance. Can't wait. Sweet story about your new friends. But it kind of shakes you up doesn't it. You can be a real strength to her too. I hope you know that.

Crystal said...

I love the instant bond that you can feel with a new friend. You realize that you to were friends in heaven between we came to this Earth and how that bond has been made. She is so lucky to have you as a friend and vice versa. You are so wonderful. I'll be praying for BOTH of your families. Good luck.