Sunday, August 16, 2009

Project 365: Week 33

August 10
I guess Utah had a cool weekend, (Colorado kind of did too). Today was a little weird. We went from our fan to our space heater in a matter of hours. But then we were back to the fan. Hopefully for a while longer before we freeze...I'm not excited about winter.August 11
It was date night. Paul picked up dinner and after the sun went down he took me up in the mountains. We got in the back of the truck and cuddled up to watch the Perseid Meteor Shower. It was way cool. I love shooting It was so dark up there and the flash on my camera was so bright it took a ton of practice for me to keep my eyes open...I know what you all are thinking, it probably took a ton of practice to make my hair look that awesome too. Ya know? Not really. It's just kind of a gift I guess.August 12
We bbq-ed with my parents tonight, then had desert and played games at my grandparents. I love them. Every time family is over, or probably anyone, they stand on the porch and wave until you're down the street. Every time. It's so cute. They're so great.August 13
I know you've all (both) been wondering about our Christmas tree from this post that we planted in order to save money this holiday season in the bad economy. We're so thrifty and smart. Well, here it is. I think he's doing quite well. And I did the math, I like to decorate Thanksgiving weekend so I have 107 days to get this tree to grow 5'11" more. (I want it to be 6') I'll keep you posted.August 14
We went to a movie tonight. For some reason I thought it would be packed. Friday night, popular movie, etc. We got there about 40 minutes early and look at all our seat choices! It filled up though. Good, interesting movie. 500 Days Of Summer. It made me think of some ideas I've had about a project, but I can't tell you. Only my husband and Braden know, and we'll probably be millionaires soon.August 15
Roy High mini-reunion. About 5 or 6 years ago myself and 5 friends from high school started getting together once a year. We usually meet at a restaurant and have dinner and chat for a couple hours. Tonight was the night but we changed it up a little bit. In past years no spouses or kids were invited. It's just the 6 of us. (I wasn't married when we started this yearly event, so I didn't care either way.) But this year we had a BBQ at Lori's house and families were invited. It was so fun to see all the cute kids that my friends are making! Maybe I'll make a couple someday. (This year we missed Rick, and added Trent and Natalie) We had a wonderful time! Thanks Cory and Lori for having us! *Me, Lori, Natalie, Trent, Joni, Kevin, Casey*August 16
We had dinner at my parents house tonight. We talked for a couple hours and then me and my sis-in-laws went to another room and we were planning our girls night for friday, we heard this horrible loud crash and ran out to find this. Neally teases Dave once in a while about the few lbs he's put on since they got married...maybe there is something to it...this chair may never recover. Man, I wish I woulda seen it.

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Platt Family said...

We are a hot looking group!!! Aren't we! Maybe a bit older then senior pictures, but still hot! I had so much fun with you guys!