Sunday, July 12, 2009

Project 365: Week 28

July 6
Another Bachelorette party! (The TV show, not strippers) We got together with Dave and Neally again this week to watch what happens with Wes. He's gone!! We talked Taylor into watching with us this time. One of these days I'll get a picture of everyone, but here is Taylor and Paul watching in suspense.July 7
Date Night! We're bringing it back. Hopefully every tuesday. Tonight we went to B&D's for dinner and then to The Gateway to see The Proposal. I loved it! Totally predictable, but really cute.July 8
Corps Encore! We used to go to this every year when we were younger. It's this big outdoor marching band concert/competition with groups from all over America. Me and Taylor and my mom were the only ones who really enjoyed it so we've started going again. We took Paul with us this year. It was really fun!July 9
I got this little plant kit for Paul at Christmas time last year. Kind of as a joke. It's a grow a Christmas tree kit. I found it a few days ago and decided to plant it. It's doing well! We're hoping to have a big lush 6' tree by Christmas...July 10
Dave and Neally gave my dad tickets to a Bee's game for Father's Day and we all got tickets and the whole family went. They won! We didn't get a picture of all of us together but here is Paul, Me, Neally and Dave. Can you tell I chopped off my hair?? I did. Right before we went to the game.July 11
I have a new love...well, a new smell I love. Any cleaning supply that smells like LEMON!!! I love it. Paul's kind of worried that I'm killing too many brain cells. I'm not a lemon fan in any food really. I do like lemonade, but man, I like antibacterials and clorox disinfectant wipes way better. Whenever I do house work its the lemon supplies that get me motivated. And when I have to do our bathrooms, I use the final wipedown with a clorox wipe as my reward. I know I sound a little crazy, but go buy some and you'll totally get me.July 12
What are these flowers? I first saw them in California and loved them. Never seen 'em before. Then I saw them at my parents neighbors house, on a landscape at a mall, and now at the side of my building...maybe a couple other places too. Are they new to Utah or have I just never taken the time to notice the small simple beauty around me?? Oh, and Happy One Month to me!


Jes said...

I'm a sucker for the lemon cleaning supplies as well. So fresh, so clean.

Kylee Jane said...

I hear ya on the lemon:D It's all about the supplies and the after smell...

Elizabeth said...

Those flowers are 'Yucca' plants! They only flower in early summer. So enjoy them while the last! My mom has about 5 of those pointy leaved yucca plants in her yard in Utah, they've been their my whole life ;)