Sunday, August 23, 2009

Project 365: Week 34

August 17
My house is being over taken by wood. I love my job, but wow, I get so many ideas and get too many good deals!August 18
We use to freeze grapes a lot when I was young. I love them and totally forgot about how awesome they are for years. You should try it.August 19
We had a BBQ tonight with the Mchenry's. They just bought a house and we had a great time with them. I was introduced to Marie Calender's fresh peach pie. I'm not a pie fan, but wow, amazing!August 20
This week hasn't been too exciting. Today was a busy day of work stuff, and this is my cute hubby just before bed.August 21
Girl's Night! Mom, Neally and Laura came over tonight and we made crafts. It was so fun! I just helped everyone and didn't make anything for myself, but it was totally worth it. Everything turned out so cute!August 22
Paul surprised me with a new phone, the Blackberry Storm! I love it...I think...haven't really used it yet. We also got on a family plan and I left T-Mobile after like 8 years. I'm now with Verizon.August 23
I left the crafty stuff out all weekend to work on stuff. Look how cute this turkey is! This craft stuff is becoming an addiction.


Platt Family said...

I LOVE the crafty stuff! My whole house is the crafty stuff, But I need more! I need to come to this store you work at! Your fall decor you made with the girls is so fun, how do I do it!

Keeley said...

OMGosh - I love all the crafts! So jealous - they have next to NO craft stores here :(

Elizabeth said...

what do you do for work now?