Sunday, August 9, 2009

Project 365: Week 32

August 3
Started a new job today. It was really good. Didn't take a picture of it though...that seems weird. I tried to take a picture of our new (old) truck but it was late, and my camera was being weird, so I got frustrated and took a picture of out lamp post...I really like it.August 4
My phone crashed today. It was so annoying. The 2 and the 3 were pretending to be the same number. My husband disappeared from my speed dial, and no one could receive texts from me unless you had a blackberry, and even then the 2 and the 3 were the same so not many words made sense. We went to buy me a new phone and the nice guy there told me something about a simple software update, he gave some steps to Paul and we came home, Paul hooked it up to the computer and a few minutes later it was fixed. It was great!...but I kinda wanted a blackberry storm...August 5
Kind of weird. I guess Paul and all the guys he works with are getting into ear wax candles. I walked into the living room tonight and this is what I saw. Last time I did this me and my old roommate Diz lit our couch on fire. Paul did a better job, and I guess he loves it!August 6
Getting ready for another weekend road trip. Paul decided to rotate the tires on our car at 11:00 at night. I guess I should be grateful for a husband who knows how and cares about maintaining our cars.August 7
Fort Collins Colorado. Paul's cousin Rachel got married on the beach in Mexico last month and her reception was back in her hometown tonight. We drove out to be there and spend the weekend with her and the family.August 8
Fort Collins has the cutest little area called "Old Town". It's so quaint and fun. We walked around for a couple hours today. His Uncle Denny was taking pictures of us.August 9
And on the road again. Today was spent driving home...not much of anything else, but we made it and we're gonna get some rest and try to be ready for a new week.


Randi said...

Lit the couch on fire is kind of an exaggeration...Some ashes fell and left a little mark... I did buy some candles for Chris and I to use but I haven't brought myself to do it. I guess I am still a little scarred.

it's me, andrea. said...

Correction to your correction. I'm pretty sure there was flame and hitting of sorts with pillows and paper plates...maybe the plate was on fire and made it seem worse. ;) I wanna do it again too, but I really am scared! Paul made it look so easy, nothing I remember about it was easy.