Wednesday, July 1, 2009

random 8 of 'em, or 12...

1. I decided I need to blog more stuff, instead of just my project 365 pictures. So for all of the 1000's of you who read this, You're Welcome.

2. Married life is great so far! I'm in my 2nd month of marriage, actually less than 3 weeks in, but now I can say I got married last month. It's been so awesome. I married a wonderful man who loves me more than anyone ever has or I ever thought possible. By the way, I'll get all the wedding, honeymoon, and reception pictures up in the next week or so.

3. Speaking of wonderful man, my husband was on call last night and had to embalm from 11PM last night til 6AM this morning. He worked all day yesterday and was back at work at 9AM this morning. Poor tired guy. I love him.

4. I got back to the gym this week. Finally!!! I've been off my normal routine since my uncle died at the end of May. (And by 'off my normal routine' I mean, not going.) It's great to be back, but wow, I can tell I fell off the wagon for 5 weeks.

5. We're trying to decide if we're going to move further south. I go back and forth. I have pro's and con's lists but the lists are about even. Pro's- closer to Paul's work, closer to church, a new place that would feel like ours. Con's- moving sucks, especially moving my stuff, I'm month to month on this apartment and I hate the thought of getting locked into a lease, of all the places we've seen we've decided we really won't save money on rent. Most likely we'd pay more rent but then save a little on gas. Is it worth it?? I have 2 siblings that live a little south and the other sibling and my parents live a little north. I like being in the middle and feeling like I can stop by and see any of them pretty quick. If we move we'll be looking really south, further south than the southest of us all. I guess I have more con's than pro's, but we're still talking. A pro for all of you -if we move you can help us pack and then buy us housewarming gifts. Good news all around.

6. I love family. I have the best on both sides. You know how you always hope for good in-laws your whole life and then you finally get 'em and even if they're bad you put on a happy face and pretend like they're great but really you're wishing for new ones and then you just live with it and suffer through? That's not me. I seriously have the best. Our 2 families had an amazing time together at all things wedding last month. I'm so lucky! And my husband got amazing in-laws too!7. I haven't turned on the AC in my apartment yet. It's July! But I guess I'm not really saving much considering that the heater was on in May. What's up with Utah?

8. I need a Target in the SLC. Ft. Union and Bountiful are the closest to me. Oh and the Ft. Union one needs to finish its remodel project, I get so lost in there.

9. What's up with Jillian on The Bachelorette?? Wes?? Still?? All of America can see right through him so why can't our little Canadian sweetheart??

10. These are some things I wish for when I'm a home owner. A big spacious kitchen with tons of cupboard space and countertops. A balcony that's inviting and begs for bbqs. A walk in closet in my bedroom that's state of the art. I don't really know what I mean by 'state of the art' but I want it. Maybe moving shoe racks and outfits that pick themselves. A king size bed. Big windows and vaulted ceilings.

11. I need a bigger freezer. I buy too much at costco and then when I buy my 20lbs of crushed ice that more than fills it. Oh and the box of corndogs Paul bought me. I've been craving corndogs lately which is weird becasue I don't like cornbread or hotdogs. I've also been craving icecream and pickles. Just kidding.

12. I'm kind of freaked out by swine flu again. I was, then I wasn't, now I am again. There was a girl with swine flu at my wedding, (sorry everyone who was there.) She had mild symptoms and didn't find out til a couple days later. She's fine now. And Pauls aunt in California had a student get it. She was tested and was fine, but I'm still scared again. Paul embalmed a swine flu victom last night, and a family friends 30 year old son died from it a couple weeks ago. I know regular flu and common colds kill people too, and a lot of stuff kills people, but this is just seeming more real to me again and I don't like it.

Ok, that's enough for now.

Oh one more, how cool are these? My sister-in-law Neally and I were looking at a Pampered Chef catalog and saw them. (I'd love to meet the investors in that company.) These stick in the grass and hold bottles and glasses. They hold cups too, not just stem glasses. How fun for picnics, right?!

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Randi said...

I was shocked when she chose Wes!! I don't know what she was thinking... And I was so sad to see Michael go. He is so adorable and I think he cares about her more than any other guy right now. Oh well... My money is still on Kipton. It has been since day 1. Sorry I'm blabbing on about it but no one I know watches it and I've been dying to talk about it to someone!