Sunday, July 5, 2009

Project 365: Week 27

June 29
We went to Dave and Neally's for a BBQ and to watch The Bachelorette. Poor Jillian. What must she be thinking now that she's watching herself get deceived on TV by this guy?!?June 30
Paul and I are starting to do date night again...we hope. It's crazy how busy life gets! Tonight he took me to dinner at The Porcupine Grill. This is where we had our first date a year and a half ago.July 1
I love flowers! When we bought this plant it only had one bloom on it, and within a couple days it was fully bloomed and beautiful. I love it.July 2
We were at my parents house tonight and my mom mentioned that there where some locals from Bountiful who had done some scuba diving at Catalina Island and it was in the paper. She thought we might be interested because Paul and I were just there on our cruise. She handed it to me and this was the cover. I said, "Oh wow, that got a picture of Paul while we were there!!" Paul didn't see the humor. I did.July 3
Today was kind of a bad day. We're trying to make a lot of decisions about moving, jobs, the future, etc. I got a little overwhelmed. I went for a little walk and took this picture of our apartment building when I got back. It's such a cute place and it looks so beautiful in the summer.July 4
We spent all day at my parents. A parade in the morning, bbq in the afternoon, and fireworks and games at night. It was a fun, full day!July 5
We went back to my parents tonight because we still had a lot of wedding stuff filling their house. We went to try and organize it and bring stuff home. We keep finding more gifts and cards all over their house and garage. We think we about got it all cleaned up tonight. But now my apartment if full of random boxes of stuff with no place to go.

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