Sunday, July 19, 2009

Project 365: Week 29

July 13
Paul and I worked on fitting all our new stuff and getting rid of old stuff in our tiny little kitchen tonight. This is our last little problem pile. Someday we'll have a big kitchen, but for now this one is kind of working.July 14
Date night. We do pretty good at doing this every tuesday. It's usually B&D's and tonight we got it to go and went to liberty park. It was a beautiful day.July 15
Paul's parents gave us this series called Love and Respect. It's amazing. Probably the closest anyone has ever come on understanding and explaining men and women. We started it before we got married, then things got crazy but we finished it tonight. Good stuff.July 16
I got this in the mail today from my father-in-law. It's a picture he took at our rehearsal dinner. He loved it, and I do too. It's my parents, just FYI.July 17
Speaking of my father-in-law, he's in town!!! He and I hung out all day today and had so much fun! Have I mentioned how much I love him? He got here at 9:45 this morning and it's been a wonderful day. When Paul got off work we went to Pat's BBQ for dinner.July 18
Oh and about my father-in-law, my whole family loves him too. Taylor and my mom were singing in a concert tonight and Phil (Paul's dad) called my brothers and we all went to the concert together and then he took all of us to Squatter's for a late dinner. We had a great time!July 19
Dad White went home this morning. :( But my mom and I are headed to California on Wednesday to visit them for 3 days! I'm excited. I'll miss my husband though...he's such a hard worker. Tonight Mom, Dad, Scott, Laura, Taylor and his friend Feebe came over to play games. I forgot to take a group picture, but have you ever played Pictionary Man?? It's so crazy and fun. Girls dominated.

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Kelly O. said...

Hey Andrea, Do you think I could borrow that Love and Respect series? It sounds fascinating!