Tuesday, July 7, 2009


I'm a little behind in my wedding post stuff. I'm gonna try and do it quick so I can get on with it. Here are my bridals. Well, some of them. Next will be wedding day, then honeymoon, then the California reception. I think that's it... I put one of each of these on my 365 posts but I want to post more...mostly for when I make a blog book for myself. And also cuz I know you all are just dying to see them...right??This was a hard day. I was scheduled for bridals on May 26th but that was the day my uncle died. I didn't feel like doing bridals at all, but I figured I'd regret it later. This was 2 days later on May 28th. It was a beautiful day and ended up being really fun. I got so lucky in terms of the weather in everything wedding. Engagements were sunny and warm, and the days before and after were windy, rainy, and snowy. Bridals were around the time Utah started getting its crazy rain. The 28th was the only non-gray or rainy day that week. Our wedding day was the only sunny and no rain day in 3 weeks in June, and our California reception, (we were worried about June Gloom) but it was warm and just enough over-cast for our outdoor reception and then the sun came out right after the afternoon reception, just in time for the big bbq and pool party. Perfect!

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