Sunday, July 26, 2009

Project 365: Week 30

July 20
Paul and I went shopping tonight. I wanted a new sundress and he decided to find me a bunch of clothes to try on. Nothing I would have picked probably, but he loved 'em and bought 'em for me, so we'll see.July 21
Paul has to work late in Utah county tonight. It's our date night and we usually go out but he brought home my favorite California food. There is only one Pollo Loco in Utah and it's in the UC. They are building more soon, don't worry.July 22
My mom and I headed to California today to hang out with my in-laws. My mom was suppose to go to a 2 day training but it got rescheduled so we went anyway and had fun instead. This is my and my father-in-law by a big tree in Long Beach.July 23
Salsa! My father-in-law has an awesome garden of tomatoes and peppers. Lots of other stuff too. But tonight we picked a bunch and made salsa! It was so good.July 24
My mom and I had a fun afternoon today at downtown disney and the circle at orange. This cute little FroYo place is the closest I've found to Spoon Me. It was really yummy. We had a fun day. I love California.July 25
I definitely had my share of baby making comments this weekend. Everywhere we went I caught either my mom or my in-laws, or all 3 together, looking at baby stuff. Man, it might not be for a while, but I have a feeling when the first one comes it'll be one spoiled little kid!July 26
There's a move in the future. This is a floor plan of an existing space that is probably going to be converted into our new apartment. Maybe I'll expound on that later.


RobyLynn said...

I love your updates! So, who else was in Orange on Friday the 24th? Me. Thanks for calling.

Glad you had a fun trip. Hope to see you in a couple weeks when we're in SLC. :)

RobyLynn said...

Did you know that I was in Orange on Friday the 24th? Thanks for calling. :)

We'll be in SLC in a couple weeks. I want to see you.

Cat said...

I love reading all your updates! I'm sad to hear that you may be moving to California in the upcoming future, but in the meantime I'm back in SL and would LOVE to see you! Also, I think it's hilarious that you love El Pollo Loco as much as you do. I am definitely not a big fan... :)