Sunday, April 5, 2009

Project 365: Week 14

March 30
I love ice as you learned here. This sight make me smile on the inside!
March 31
Check engine. Refill wiper fluid. I've been getting these reminders for weeks. I hate car maintenance. But the window really is hard to see out of when we're just through a storm and I'm getting the tiny dirty water splashes from other cars on the freeway and I can't wash the window...unless I have a bottle of water with me and I role the window down and splash some on the windshield. Yeah, I've done it. And I'm really not up for hearing what's wrong with the engine. I want a horse and buggy so all I have to worry about is buying oats.
April 1
I thought this shirt was appropriate considering how much I love earth. And also, all the green and white that's happening in my life these days. (My wedding colors and current and future last names...just in case you're new or slow.)
April 2
My mom's cute little Easter tree. Germany has amazing Easter markets. It's so fun there this time of year. I have a couple dozen of these awesome painted eggs too. (They're real.) I've been saying for almost 10 years that once I'm "settled" I'll start pulling out my cool stuff I got in Europe. Maybe next Easter...
March 3
This is my brother, Taylor. He's done this to his head 2 weekends in a row. He keeps threatening to do it on the wedding day...he better not. I want hair in the pictures.
April 4
GC weekend. All the boys went at priesthood and mom and I went to dinner. Here are the boys before they left. (I think they were trying to look like Brad Pitt in 'Meet Joe Black', the peanut butter scene.)
April 5
Happy 90th Birthday Grandpa!!! We had a family party for him tonight. I love my cute Grandpa. We did some musical numbers, some of his favorite songs and that's what Grandma is watching. Look how much he loves her! The BIG party is next Saturday night and everyone is invited. (For those of you who read this and may know him, Saturday April 11th, 1825 So. 1500 E. SLC, 6:00-8:00PM.)


Adrian said...'s me, Adrian. Just copied that great pic. of grandpa and grandma. Love your blog. Congrats on the marriage. Have heard he's a great guy. I wanted to do the 365 photo thing, but could never get myself together enough. I will see you Sat!!

Kari said...

I love your shirt and I love paul's hair in the picture! Also, can you let me know the date of the Cali reception? Thanks!