Wednesday, April 15, 2009

57 days to go!...our wedding website

Paul and I have been working on this for over a month. (Like 2 evenings in the past 5 weeks, and we're finally telling people about it.) We searched a bunch of websites for wedding planning pointers and help and this was the one we liked the best, and you can create your own little site from their site. So we did.

**sidenote** I get at least 6 emails a day from other sites I visited and accidentally gave my email address too, and also I filled out a registration card at a bridal show and apparently they sold my name and email AND phone number to like a bajillion people. Annoying. But I really like

This is us right HERE.

It's long...I guess it's really my name's fault.

***UPDATE*** thank you to my smart friend David in California, the address is now,


Elessar said...

you can shorten your website name using TinyURL. That's what we did, as you'll see on our save-the-dates coming soon!

it's me, andrea. said...

Thanks David! That website is cool!